Psychic Readings and the Coronavirus


We are in the thick of it now. We are all home, schools and some businesses closed for the next 30 days. We watch the news feeds and feel the fear and worry. So many are asking "How do I stop being scared? How do I protect myself? What if I get it? What if..." First thing to do is stop watching the news feeds or the social media posts of the friend of a friend who knows 5 people get the drift.

Use this time to learn how to stop reacting to what we see. Let's take pause, center ourselves. Read more on how to "reset" here at this blog post. 

Some are reinventing themselves, learning new skills to promote their businesses, polishing up old-style skills of communication. Families are pulling out board games, dating events have moved online. We are reinventing our world. 

Some of us, myself included, have struggled this last week with many emotional ups and downs. There are so many wonderful things we are discovering about ourselves in this trying time in history. We have all faced terrible situations and we met those challenges with grace.  We continue to do just that. Rise to the occasion, meet challenges with love, strength, compassion and balance.