How I Started Reading Tarot Cards

My history of Tarot card reading began decades ago when on a chilly Autumn day my friend and I made a pot of chili con carne and read each others cards. I was good at it. While reading for her, I saw a woman hovering over us, and then felt a rush or a push of energy and blurted out a message from her. I watched the shock wash over my friends face. She explained that the woman I described and the name I stated, was her long deceased great aunt who she loved very much as a little child.  That was my first clear experience with connecting with the departed for others. Although channeling spirit is not my focus, sometimes loved ones who have crossed over will come and talk through me for those I am reading. 


Hudson Valley 


Tarot Card reader.

Over the years I continued to read for myself, friends and family. Acquaintances I had read for began to offer compensation saying it was too good not to. After much deliberation and consideration I started offering Tarot Card readings professionally. I have been enjoying this journey and hope those who join me do too.


From my recollections, my introduction to the world of spirit began when I was just 7 years old. My mother had passed away and during that time I had night terrors. One night I saw her appear at my door and walk over to my bed. I was in utter disbelief, rubbing my eyes to make sure I wasn't dreaming. There she was walking in her nightgown, yawning as if she had been asleep in her bed. She appeared to be made up of tiny, moving particles of color all shimmering and vibrating to make up her shape. I was quickly comforted by this appearance and fell back to sleep. Needing to understand exactly what happened I turned to my mothers friend who explained to me what I saw, and how her spirit was still with us. She wasn't gone. She had changed her form and I still could talk to her and feel her in a way that was different than before. I learned then about reincarnation, and learned to connect to spirit. I've always received in so many ways; either through dreams, intuition, seeing auras and chakras, clairvoyance.

There isn't one particular way I am limited to receiving. I have channeled spirit, heard clear and distinct voices, received images, strong intuitive messages and precognitive dreams. Being present with the person I am reading for and using my Angel Tarot deck, allows me to receive through any one of these.


 I have studied astrology and Tarot for sheer enjoyment.  My love of meditation brought me on a journey where I learned of yoga, was introduced to Reiki, Parmahansa Yogananda, Buddisim, and just a big, beautiful world of metaphysics. While my interest in Tarot reading has far exceeded my interest in anything (except meditation) I continue to be on the journey accompanied by so many other great souls.

I love reading for people. I feel as though I get a glimpse of the truly loving part of human spirit when I read. Always feeling so honored that my client has graciously allowed me to feel their spirit in such a wonderful and personal way I send my deepest heartfelt thanks and offer my continued prayers for everyone. 

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