How You Can Learn To Read Tarot

Choose Your Tarot Deck

The point of learning to read is for guidance. It's not about fortunetelling. Predicting the future of a downfall or financial windfall. It's not about warnings of someone who is jealous of you. Readings are about seeing the great possible directions ahead and help you develop insights on how to get there.  The readings can be used to answer simple questions straight up, or help you dig deep into your subconscious for greater change. 


Take your time choosing your deck, I've picked up tarot cards I thought were amazing at first glance only to find when I started using them, their energy did not line up with mine. When the artists and authors of any tarot deck create, they are tapping into ethereal energies, and focusing that energy into the creation of their deck. It does get filtered through the creators own energies as an interpretation of the messages. If the energies they are tapping into or are being filtered through is of a darker or lower vibration you too will connect with that energy. I'd suggest choosing a deck you'd want to be merged with. 

Seek out a deck whose images are easy to understand. Do you get what they are saying? Are the images uplifting? Meaningful? It is okay if they have a description written on the cards. That will actually help you learn the message of the card. Eventually this won't matter as you will develop your own language of communication with your guides. You will get to the point where you aren't really reading the strict meaning of the cards but they are just a trigger for the messages you are receiving.

That is the main reason I choose Radleigh Valentine Angel Tarot, it is based on the traditional Ryder-Waite meanings but reinterpreted to incorporate the Archangels and a more supportive outlook. I left behind the Ryder-Waite deck because I felt so much anxiety when handling them. The Angel deck helped me float upward and feel no fear to connect. I also like the Modern Witch Tarot. This a completely contemporary version of the Ryder-Waite while still retaining the original meanings. 

Read The Tarot Book

You now want to learn the meaning behind each card. Almost every deck comes with a little book of interpretations. Read it. There are 78 cards, 2 arcanas, 4 suits, and court cards. That is a lot to absorb. You may not be able to recall every meaning of each card on demand but as you read the tarot spreads you will receive the message and be able to impart that message to the recipient of the reading. If your deck didn't come with a book, then buy one. Read blogs or websites, Instagram posts, TikTok videos on the meanings of the cards. There is a basic esoteric meaning behind each card. The deck creator has added their twist to the cards in your deck. If your deck is not based on the Ryder-Waite tarot, It may be helpful to have an understanding of the traditional meaning and then see how their filter changes the meaning. That's something you can do later if you want.


Before You Start Your Tarot Reading- Clear Yourself and Establish Intent

Get yourself centered and clear. Say a clearing prayer to release lower energies or feelings you've been carrying around from the day before or that day. Thank your Source for helping you to release all unnecessary emotions or energies from people, places, or situations which no longer serve you. Protect yourself. See the power of your Source surrounding you. Thank them for bringing in healing and protection energies. 

It is important that you connect with the highest vibration of energies possible. The lower vibration energies might be more mischievous than we would want when looking into the possibilities of the future. Your own emotional state has an impact on the energies you're connecting with. Fear attracts fear, anger attracts anger, love attracts love, forgiveness attracts forgiveness. 

Before I start my readings for the day I meditate. I go through the practice of releasing old energies, connecting with Earth for grounding, connect with Angels for further clearing of my body, mind, spirit and space. Then I raise my own vibration by reveling in the gratitude of this connection. Then I bring in the light of protection. 

Before each reading, I do a brief meditation thanking our guides and angels for working together and ask that I be a clear channel of communication for them to the person I read for. As well, I say a prayer aloud asking that their guides and angels put the information into the cards to help them. By saying this with the person I'm reading for, it establishes an agreement  - they allow me to work with their guides. This practice allows you to receive really helpful information.

Develop Communication With Your Tarot Deck Through Practice

Some decks have a brief description listed on the front of the cards. That's not cheating, use it to help you recall the meaning. As you learn to read, the actual meanings of the cards may not be the only meaning that you will get from the cards. You will develop a language with your cards/guides. As you practice you will discover new meanings for the individual cards and the cards when they appear in combination.

Practice often. Almost daily I would pull a few cards in a simple 2 or 3 card layout to see what I might expect for the day. I'd write it down and give my interpretation and see how it went. If  at the end of the day when you look at what you interpreted and it seems like nothing happened that the cards indicated, don't worry. You didn't fail. Sometimes I found I got messages not just about the day but about the week, or another situation. 

Eventually, you will see beyond the cards. The 5 of Earth, would typically indicate a feeling of fear or struggle around finances or employment. My guides now use that card to indicate a feeling of lack or insecurity in any area and I look to the cards surrounding it to see where they are feeling that insecurity or fear. Finally, for me it often indicates to ask for what you want. Depending on the other cards around it it could mean ask your Angels, or a loved one in spirit or even a person in your life for what you want.    

Practice With Others - Learning What To Ask In A Tarot Reading

Find a friend to practice with. If they have a deck you can read for each other. Establish the clear baseline through a brief meditation, declare your intent (the prayer) to connect with higher level of energies. 

Try different ways of phrasing your questions. I have found, reaching for a different way of asking actually brings a different perspective to the answers, allowing us to see the situation and the solutions from a very different and helpful perspective.

Should I take job A, B or C. Where should I move to? Well, there aren't any cards for State names and they certainly won't be able to tell you the name of the company. Some intuitives may get a name or a location, I have on occasion gotten that specific information. It may not yet be a solid trajectory in the persons mind which would allow you to receive that information. That's when it helps to rephrase the question or break it into multiple questions. 

Which job should I take? Ask first of the person, what do they want in their job? Are they looking for financial rewards? Is it the creative satisfaction? The place where they can have a long career and receive a pension? 

This helps the client figure out what they are really looking for as well! With their goal in mind, you then ask "What experiences would "A" bring toward satisfying their goal? Throw the cards and see what you get. As you relate what you're seeing this will help them gain a deeper understanding of what they are looking for.  I don't recommend the shortcut of just asking "Will this satisfy their goal" because sometimes in the asking they come to a deeper understanding of what they are really looking for.

The same approach works for a relocations. If the person is really confused and just reaching for ideas, then you ask something like, what kind of location would be best for them? When I do that I visualize the different areas, beach, mountains, cities... as I imagine the location and see if I put the persons energy there does it fit?  Throw the cards and see if they confirm that for you. If your thinking beaches, you may get a lot of water cards If you're seeing cities, you may get air cards. 

Asking A Yes Or No Question With Tarot Cards

You can ask a yes or no question. It's a little different. Sometimes we don't want the deeper understanding behind the questions. If the question is: "Will we get through this together?" I'd ask it more along the line of "Given the challenges they face and where they stand now, what is the likelihood they will come through this together?" You will often get indications of the challenges they face and the any particular stress point or strengths and the final cards would indicate the outcome. This can be reduced down to a yes or no.