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Does the Tarot Really Tell You the Future?

The Sun Tarot card Predict the Future with Tarot

The tarot can predict the future based on what is at the moment and indicate to you what action to take now to manifest your goals. It is an energetic snap shot of you and your circumstances. If you pay attention to what's going on now, you can improve upon it. The tarot shows you how.

The tarot will not show you a predetermined outcome to any situation. The indicators from the cards are just that - indicators. Nothing is set in stone. Free will on the part of everyone surrounding you, including yourself, change the present and the future.

One of the questions most frequently asked of the tarot is: "I know our relationship isn't over, when will we get back together?" Way too often the tarot spread shows my client exactly what is going on that caused the problem in their relationship. They see the possible conclusion as though it is preordained and do nothing to correct their own behaviour that caused the issue in the first place. You actually have to do the work!

3 of Air Tarot Card Sadness and Healing Predict the Future with Tarot cards

You are feeling the tension and conflict in your love relationship or maybe you have already separated. You ask the cards if you will marry and the spread shows the very conflicts you are aware of but the outcome shows resolution of conflicts and a card of contentment. You could happily walk away believing that you will get married so it doesn't matter what's going on now, you can just continue in the same manner as you have been. If you do that you are missing the gifts the cards offer.

14 Balance Angel Tarot Personal growth with the Tarot

You have to look at what they present to you. The conflict, the advice on how to grow from the conflict. Action you can take to improve yourself in relation to your love. Perhaps you've been emotionally dependent on your lover. The Balance card may indicate this. You've been feeling like you just can't enjoy yourself if they aren't with you or texting you like they did when you first fell in love. The tarot offers you extraordinary insight into what beliefs or behaviour is causing the tension and conflict in your relationship.

The tarot can show you what action to take to improve this situation. See the advice offered through a tarot reading.

Queen of Fire Predicting the future with tarot cards independence and finding your way

It can indicate that you need to focus on developing your own emotional strength and independence by finding your own unique voice and start to grow.

If you take the action to improve yourself, then the happy conclusion is there.

The same will hold true for your lover. If your partner finds the issues within themselves are too big to overcome, then that changes the possible outcome.

That your are seeking advice from the tarot is an indicator that your energy is focused on understanding and improvement. It should behoove you to take the appropriate steps to assuring your happy outcome.

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