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Message from Ancestors, Synchronicity and Coincidence

There is synchronicity in tarot readings. Not only for my clients but for me. I've noticed I will get a cluster of clients with similar names: Karen, Carol, Connie, Kim. Or there will be a cluster of clients coming to consult on similar issues. I have seen clients over a two week period whose relationships end while one still wants to continue with the relationship. Clusters of women wanting to start families, the list goes on. Maybe this is coincidence. May be it's synchronicity.

Then I started to notice clusters of people asking questions post reading - specifically about their auras and meditations. After so many questions posed to me I began to wonder if I should take heed, maybe this is more than coincidence, maybe a message to me. I stepped up my aura and space cleansing, I've expanded my meditations to include manifesting and setting intentions. Now I am seeing a synchronicity which weaves itself through my meditations, readings and broadening out.

Before each reading I meditate to clear my mind and establish a connection to my client. I have received information this way which directly relates to my tarot clients. In one meditation I saw a particular bird appear. I asked my client what, if anything, that bird meant to him and he replied that as a child he had one as a pet and it meant something to him. Another time I had seen medallion worn around the neck of a boy. My client had come for a reading to connect with her son's father who tragically passed two days before. The message was for her, to give her son a memento from him for their son to wear to he could always be close to their son.

Now I am seeing these aren't coincidences (I really don't believe in coincidence anyway) it is synchronicity. Just the other day, I had a mediation before reading for my client Sara. I saw an ancient, sacred ritual take place. The group of people all wore white and had a cloak which had folds in the back which resembled angel wings. At the end of her reading I asked if she had any more questions. She couldn't think of one, then my throat began to tingle and feel warm. I told her there is something else that needs to be said. She revealed that she was wondering about her ancestors. Sara recently experienced ayahuasca and during this she saw her ancestors all in white with wings. I knew there was something to this. I threw the tarot cards one more time and delivered their message to her. Messages from spirit delivered through the tarot cards.

Normally this would have closed the issue of ancestors but there was more to come. Now I am seeing that this is a message for me from spirit. At the end of the reading for my next client Donny, he pulled out these beautiful paper bills and said it was ancestor money and he wanted me to have some. Okay, I am interested now. He explained what is also known as joss paper gives to your ancestors what they need in afterlife so it clears the old negative energies, provides the spirits with what they need and allows prosperity to flow to you.

Donny has the most extraordinarily open and clear flow of energy surrounding prosperity. His energy is loving, generous and abundant and always flowing in the manner of giving and receiving. (I really love feeling the energy of my clients especially when they allow me to steep in their perfected energy) I accepted graciously accepted his gift and started researching more about joss paper.

communication from spirit Martha's tarot

Over the course of the week that these synchronistic events unfolded, both the 18-Moon and the 5- Unity card from the Angel Tarot had been coming up in my own spreads. I now understand that they were trying to alert me to the message to come.

Okay now, this is extraordinary, and directly related to me. I love that spirit can find ways to communicate to us through direct messages, coincidence, synchronicity of events. We just have to keep our hearts and minds open to receiving. Our ancestors are always there, waiting for us to hear them. It's just a matter or being open to their ways of communicating to us.

Look for messages that run in recurring themes. I am learning as I go. I have begun to pay homage to my ancestors - yes I have begun burning the joss paper. You can learn more about joss paper or spirit money here.

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