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Karma's Gonna Get You

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

While in a new city searching searching for temporary housing, my son and I arranged a day to see several places. The first place he looked at, he applied to and was accepted immediately. When we told one of the other landlords we wouldn't be coming because he found a place, this landlord wrote me a very angry email for wasting their time and wrote: "...instant karma is going to get you".

Weirdly using that sentence has its own karmic challenges. Karma isn't meant to inflict punishment on us; Karma is spiritual law meant to encourage us to live well and with compassion

What Karma Is

Karma is cause and effect. Karma is a tool for growth. Karma plays out in our lives in a myriad of ways. Relationships with others, repeating patterns in our lives, and even in the enormous scale of world events. Karma can play out over a short period of time or over lifetimes. It is a journey of increasing knowledge and decreasing ignorance.


You might suspect that you are experiencing karma when you find yourself asking; 'Why does this keep happening to me?' it can be in family relationships, money, love relationships. It's always a circumstance that occurs over and over. Repetitive patterns in our life:

  • Predispositions that you have had since childhood

  • Habits, both good and bad

  • Stubborn resistance that is hard to overcome

The Lessons

Learning the lessons that karma brings is vital for releasing karma. Our soul wishes for us to live a life rich in learning and experience so that the soul can ascend, progress and expand. That includes embracing all that life has to offer - the good and the bad.

How To Understand Your Karma

To learn the lessons we have to start paying attention and ask ourselves: "What can I learn here?", "What new perspective can I view this from?", "How am I contributing to this situation?", "How do others feel?", "What assumptions have I made?", "What assumptions have they made about me or the situation?", "What can I change?", "What are my beliefs surrounding this situation?" Try to look at it without blame. You may not have the answers. Just asking is a good start. This requires us to pay attention to our inner world.This process enables us to reevaluate the situation and change it instead of remaining in it, feeling hopeless.

You may then unlock deeper understanding. You then begin asking yourself: "Do I need to work on my self-esteem?", "Do I need to be kinder?", "Do I need to learn to trust myself?", "Is the world really out to get me?". This is where you begin to work on those core beliefs that affect your daily life experience.

All the questions we ask ourselves can be challenging to look at and address. We are learning lessons from the patterns we have identified, and the work on our beliefs, feelings, expectations, behaviors, and relationships with others and ourselves. This doesn't happen instantly. It takes time and effort to understand.

Even if you can't identify where or how the karma began, or if you can't figure out where in your beliefs the problems lie, you still can transcend the karma. Just identify the habitual pattern and resolve to forgive.

Releasing Karma

Forgiveness is the great eradicator of karma because it releases swathes of negative energy that we may have been holding onto for years or lifetimes. I'm not talking about forgiving in a way that gives anyone a free pass to commit the same offenses over and over again. It means letting it go and rising above it. Transcendence.

It's clear that we can't just make ourselves have forgiveness by saying, 'I forgive you', or 'I forgive myself". Understanding leads to forgiveness. In that moment of understanding why someone who has hurt us behaves as they do; we realize that their history or actions created this. They are who they are because of their own pain, suffering or mistreatment - just as you are. It is never acceptable when someone treats us badly or unfairly, but we realize they treated us this way because they were in need of healing. This takes the burden from us as we see it wasn't our fault. We can remove feelings of guilt, shame, hopelessness and humiliation this way. We realize we do deserve love and care, and that we don't have to put up such treatment. We can let some hurt, resentment and even hatred toward them go.

We can also have forgiveness for ourselves through understanding why we did what we did. Forgiving ourselves for the state of mind we were in because we too required healing.

Release karma by understanding and therefore accepting what has happened and moving forward with love and understanding.

This release of negative energy, our forgiveness, effectively eradicates karma because we have learned the lessons that the experiences offered. We have changed our minds and our behaviors therefore our reality.

How To Avoid Racking Up New Karma (And Bring In Good Karma)

Most of us behave badly when we're under stress, or are struggling with circumstances in our lives. In that case it’s not you, it’s them. It works the same when you’re the person throwing the s#@t around. It’s about you, not them. Own that. Learn to do better. Much better. Check your motives, make certain they come from a good place. Create good karma by expressing compassion.

  • Be grateful for every experience, both good and bad. .

  • Act with love and compassion to everyone, no matter what they've done.

  • Check your motives, make sure you come from a place of love for self and others.

  • Check your underlieing attitude. Angry, negative thoughts direct angry negative energy towards you.

  • Forgive. The hardest of all, forgivenss is undertanding, acceptance and letting go. It may be the hardest of all things to do but it is the most significant thing we can do to create great karma.

Another Great Way To Release Karma

We can also release karma by recognizing our role and then asking our higher selves and Source to help us release it. Ask your guides and angels to help you release any and all hooks, cords, ties and connections to all people, places, situations and thoughts that prevent us from moving forward. I love the Violet Flame for releasing karma and any stuck energy or pattern we have. Meditate, connect and ask. Then be ready to recieve and release!

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