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The focus of these sessions is to empower individuals

to become conscious co-creators of their lives.
Learn to tap into your own wisdom and intution and trust it!

If it's your very first time having a reading these readings are for you.
If you are on a spiritual path, or even if you have just experienced

an awakening of your spiritual heart, these readings are for you too.

Great energy connection for Lightworkers and Energy Healers
and all of us who are wanting to develop our own special gifts. 

Using Angel Tarot and Angel Oracle Cards, we connect with your spirit guides and angels to help you gain clarity, insight, understanding and healing to help you navigate any situation you are experiencing. They never tell us things that get us scared or anxious. 


These readings are fun, uplifting and empowering! Because of the powerful connection and the wisdom shared, many people come for insights into a particular situation, and many more come for ongoing spiritual guidance and support. While not a replacement for psychological guidance, the Angelic energies serve to support ones efforts to this end. 

We throw our first 16 card spread, your Guides and Angels tell you what they want you to know - and offer a lens for you to adjust your vision and see from a new perspective.  They will bring to your attention events or circumstances which they find important for you to recognize. Your strengths, your lessons, the facets of your personality or inner being that they want you to recognize come shining through. That first spread is wide open for your guides. You will have already sent your questions or intentions out to your Guides and this first spread allows the information to start flowing in. You are free to ask questions as we go into this, but do be open to hearing the messages.

The next step is asking one question at a time and drawing cards for each question. This allows us to really focus on the answers for you - the information may have already been shared during the first spread but sometimes we can't quite put it together. This also opens the space to ask questions that spontaneously arise.

I always connect with love and light.

I believe in the strength and power of God/Source Energy over all things.​


These sessions are not fortune telling, not to be used to find missing objects or read someones mind or to soley connect with loved ones who have departed (although they do tend to pop in during a reading). Accurate information about the future unfolds naturally through the conversations during the sessions. 

These sessions are about your growth and development, undestanding what brought you to this point, what is the likley outcome if you stay on this path and learning how to become the architect of your own experiences.

Please consider what comes through in a session, but always listen to your intuition first and foremost. Take responsibility for yourself: use these sessions and any other counselor, doctor, healer or advisor to help you make an informed decision, but remember that the choice is yours. The responsibility and power to change your future always lies with you and your relationship to the whole. 

Psychic Angel Tarot Card Readings with Martha

Angel Tarot Readings
  psychic reader


Learn to read Tarot and build your psychic/intuitive abilties.
Step onto the path of spiritual self-discovery and psychic connection through the tarot!

Meditation Classes

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Located in Wappingers Falls, 12590, Dutchess County in the Hudson Valley, NY

Contact Martha

Psychic tarot readings, tarot class and meditations

To make an appointment or find out more information:

Text or Call 845-288-1890


Readings can be in-person, by phone or Zoom.

Appointments are available

Saturday through Wednesday 10:00am - 7:00pm.

Book a Session

Fill This Out to Make an Appointment
for a 30, 45 or 60 minute session
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Alternatively you can book a
15 minute session through Eventbrite.
At the Eventbrite ticket center, enter code Moonlight and receive a 10% discount on the 15 minute session

Reveiws for Martha's Tarot

Joseph, Dutchess County
Thank you so much for everything honestly. I can't express enough how grateful I am to have met you. I felt the way you were feeling and honestly you are just a bundle of joy and happiness honestly...And honestly I was feeling really sick before I came and when I came there was a sense of warmth and belonging. It really made me feel better - all the tension and worry I had left when I sat down and got comfortable. I just really wanted you to know that you are an amazing person and I'm glad to have met you. You really opened my eyes to what I need to do in the foreseeable future.

Maria, Westchester, County
Went to see Martha for the first time yesterday and I can confidently say that I will definitely be going back to her! Upon arriving I immediately felt welcomed, it was as if I walked into my own home. Her kind and gentle soul along side her sunny disposition made me feel open and connected to her instantly. Her reading was extremely positive, and enlightening. Everything she said made so much sense, like she has known me my entire life. She took her time with my reading and I didn’t feel rushed at all. She let me ask questions and sat with me well past the time I had requested from her. After all was said and done I felt such a heavy weight lifted from me and it’s like I can breathe again. I can’t thank her enough and I would recommend her to anyone seeking some guidance and clarity.
Martha, you are truly an amazing person with a beautiful gift. Thank you for sharing it with the world!



Thank you so much for everything , we really enjoyed it and how it all made sense to us . We really love all the info you gave us and we'll try this meditation tonight!MeganI wanted to take a moment to show my gratitude for you reading me the other day. I have been on such a high, feeling so calm and secure. You are amazing!

Alissa, Queens, NY
I am not too sure where to begin! First off, it was worth the 1.5 hour drive from Queens. Upon arrival Martha was so welcoming, humorous, and made me feel comfortable. Her set up is cozy and has an immediate calming vibe that allows you to relax and open your mind; this process can be very overwhelming, especially mentally! I cannot even begin to describe how amazing the reading was! Martha provided me with so much information, clarity, and helped to guide me in the right direction. She’s very honest with her delivery and feedback. She’s an excellent listener and it’s clear she’s genuinely interested and makes an effort to connect to her clients; I felt like I new her for years! I will definitely be back again! 5 STARS FOR MARTHA!

Janet, Dutchess County
Thank you, Martha. It was so nice meeting you! I appreciate you validating my special connection to the other side. I'm going to work on getting in touch with that part of me again.

Barbara, Queens, NY
The reading itself is a vibration shifter...

Leslie, Dutchess County
I'm so glad we met! I always wanted to meet someone who was very intuitive to the spirits and prayer that could understand me and it's just great how it led me to you!

Ariana, NY, NY

You read me at a party and you were so accurate it's crazy! I was looking for a job and you said it would come abruptly and it did. You said it would be a "hell, yeah!" and it was. I don't know how you did it but your awesome! Thank you.


You read my cards for me last month, and everything you unfolded exactly as you said. You were so on point it was amazing. My work, my love life...everything.  

Maria M, Ulster County
I want to thank you again for the reading, I left feeling FULL, confident, and peaceful. That evening I went to sleep as normal, however my slumber was deep, calm, and peaceful. Something I have not experienced in a very, very long time. When I woke up this morning, I was well rested and at peace. Not edgy, nor did I feel that  emptiness. I had an inner smile that when I looked in the mirror, I saw a woman who has came through several (tough and heartbreaking) lifetimes and now she is finally going to start living hers. Almost like a Phoenix. I smiled at myself, and said "Thank you, for not giving up and you are worth it."  My heart is FULL and the switch or dial I should say is turning. :) Thank you so much you are amazing and your positive well-being and gifts can only come from God...
Many Blessings and HUGS too.

Rayna, Hopewell Junction
My reading with Martha was wonderful. She offered real insight into an uncomfortable situation I was in, which proved to be very helpful. Plus, the cards indicated there would be an upcoming celebration and not too long after my reading my brother announced he was getting married. So exciting.

Lenora, Dutchess County
You are scary good!

Angela, Dutchess County
Her reading literally changed my life...

Demitria, Dutchess County
Awesome! It’s insightful and almost therapeutic in a way, but it’s also a fun experience. And Martha is super sweet! She explains what is going on and makes sure you feel comfortable!



Thank you for sharing your gift with me. You gave me another piece the puzzle. I feel good.

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