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Tarot & Develop Your Intuitive/Psychic Abilties

"Change your perspective,

change your world."

What can I expect from a psychic Angel Tarot Reading with Martha

In a reading you will see what the potential is for you in regard to any questions you ask. Your Guides and Angels offer you a fresh lens through which you can see your questions. You gain clarity, understanding, insight, and healing. When we are in these sessions spookily accurate information regarding the future comes through.

How the reading starts

First step

We throw our first 16 card spread, your Guides and Angels tell you what they want you to know - and offer a lens for you to adjust your vision and see from a new perspective.  They will bring to your attention events or circumstances which they find important for you to recognize.


Your strengths, your lessons, the facets of your personality or inner being that they want you to recognize come shining through. That first spread is wide open for your guides. You will have already sent your questions or intentions out to your Guides and this first spread allows the information to start flowing in. You are free to ask questions as we go into this, but do be open to hearing the messages.

Second Step

The next step is asking one question at a time and drawing cards for each question. This allows us to really focus on the answers for you - the information may have already been shared during the first spread but sometimes we can't quite put it together. This also opens the space to ask questions that spontaneously arise.

How the psychic readings are meant to be used:

​I  am not a fortune teller. I won't tell you the name of the company you will be working for next. I will not find your lost objects or tell you the name of your future romantic partner. I see a mirror image of your circumstances with a fresh eye and offer you a new lens to view your life through.

Why connect with our Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels?

By asking to connect with our Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels, we receive information that provides you with profound insight and understanding. We all have Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides. All of us. They are dedicated to helping us and are always ready, willing and available to us. All we have to do is ask and be receptive. These sessions will help provide guidance on how to receive. The information that comes through is always inspirational, uplifting and often serves to remind us of our strengths and abilities, helping us to move in the most positive direction.


Readings, all readings, are an energetic snapshot of where we are at the moment and where we are likely heading if we continue to behave and think as we do. Nothing is written in stone, we have the ability to change direction at any time.  Our Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides want nothing more than for us to find our connection to love and joy while on this physical journey and through these readings we can tap into that connection and wisdom. 

For those who say
"I like to know what's coming, even if it's bad,

I want to know."


​Angels and Guides NEVER tell us things which create anxiety or worry.

They say that we are really good at worrying all by ourselves and don't need their help with that. They don't want you to focus on anything "bad" because you will just draw that experience right into your path!

They will give you guidance on how to avoid, transmute or manage the situations.

For instance, during a 30-min session it was said over and over "Pay attention to what you're doing. Focus, look at the signs!" My client called me later to tell me that she got pulled over on her way home for speeding. She offered the officer good reasons why she was driving over the speed limit but the officer was having none of it. He said to her "Ma'am, sometimes you just have to pay attention to what you're doing, focus and look at the signs". That's the way the information comes in, through conversation. It's up to you to incorporate their wisdom into your life. 

They show you only love and help you along your path to joy and connection with the light.

Frequently Asked Questions About Psychic Readings

Psychic Tarot Readings

Online Tarot Class

Can I Come to Your Place for a Reading?


Yes, I have a cozy spot set up for our readings. I am located near the Galleria Mall in Poughkeepsie.

Do You Offer Online Readings?

Yes, I use Zoom for online sessions. They feel like we are in the same room!

Do You Read Over the Phone?


I will do readings over the phone or Zoom.

Will You Read the Tarot at My Party?

Absolutely! Tarot readings are really fun for a bridal shower, a birthday party, anniversaries, any occasion! Organize a group of 5 or more of your friends and I will come to your home or venue. Typically for groups of 5 or more I will offer  15 minute readings (perfect amount of time for a group setting). I will travel to your party venue in NYC, Westchester Putnam, Dutchess and surrounding counties.

Do You Appear at Corporate Events?


Yes, I do. Tarot card readings are great entertainment for dating events, executive retreats, company parties, seminars and all types of conferences. I will travel to your event venue, to Putnam, Orange, Dutchess and surrounding areas.

How Often Should I Get a Tarot Card Reading?

It depends on what you are looking for in a reading. Some come once a year or less. Some come every month or so if they are moving through a challenging life situation. There are others who like to come more frequently for spiritual counseling, and the frequency is up to the individual.  While not a replacement for psychological guidance, the Angelic energies serve to support one's efforts to this end. ​

How Did You Develop Your Psychic Abilities?

Meditation. Being around others with the same abilities. I have always received in a variety of ways as most of us do. Over my life I went through periods of time of acknowledging my ability to feel and see energy and ignoring it. What I realized was if I didn't embrace the clairvoyant side of myself, and permanently acknowledge my abilities I was not going to find happiness and peace. I always had abilities that would turn on without my control, it seemed to occur randomly (which really bothered me!). Regular meditation, going to workshops, group meditations, taking classes, visiting metaphysical shops, Ashrams, reiki classes, talking with others - all helped. The most effective method of development is meditation. 

Do You Support Causes With Donations?

Yes, I love to offer my services in support of charitable causes. Typically I donate two 30-minute sessions, and offer a gift box to display and for the recipient to keep. 

Partial List of organizations I've supported with reading donations

 Alzheimers Foundation

Dutchess County SPCA

North East Westchester Sprecial Recreation

Angels of Light

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