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About Martha's Tarot Readings

martha tarot

My Background

While I am a natural conscious medium, I have studied channeling, mediumship, astrology, numerology, Reiki, IET (Integrated Energetic Therapy - healing with Angelic energies), yoga, Buddhism, and so much more. With each of my readings I bring Angelic healing energies into the sessions to help us release what no longer serves us and to empower us with love.

I work with a varying team of celestial support including our spirit guides, angels, the ascended masters, beings of infinite intelligence and divine love (these may include star-beings working with humans to help us evolve) asking that they access the Akashic Records when appropriate for us. Our departed loved ones and ancestors are always invited to contribute when meaningful.

My Journey

When I was 5, I wanted to be a Gypsy when I grew up. Disappointed when I learned it wasn't an occupation I became a graphic artist, an activist, a mom, children's party artist, home organizer, dog walker, a baker, and a web designer. All through those years I still did the "Gypsy thing" and practiced the tarot, meditation, astrology and other mystical arts. 

As a teenager, I purchased the classic Ryder-Waite deck from a local head shop. I had no idea what I was doing with them at first. I practiced the Celtic Cross and read the definitions from the books. Each book had a slightly different interpretation and from that I learned it was okay to develop a language with the cards. I practiced often. Sometimes just asking what's going on today? Then writing down what I got. Eventually I got better at it. 

Seeing Spirit from a very young age

I would read cards for anyone who would let me.  My friend and I would get together for every Autumn Equinox, make a pot of chili and read for each other. On one of these occasions I channeled a message from her great aunt who passed away when she was very young. While reading her cards I felt a surge of energy from behind me, saw the face of an older woman who was a nun and simultaneously I blurted out "Hannah says it's going to be alright!". We were both stunned! Hannah it turned out was my friend's Aunt Hannah who was a nun who died when my friend was very young. She had vague recollections of sitting at Hannah's feet and feeling very safe with her. It was then I recalled that I had seen spirit before. 

My first encounter with a spirit

My first encounter seeing spirit was when I was seven, I saw my mother who had crossed over recently. It was in the middle of the night, when I had night terrors. She came from her bedroom as if she just got out of bed to answer my call to her. She yawned and rubbed her eyes as she walked to my bed. I was stunned and remembered wondering if I was seeing things! She was made up of tiny particles of multi-colored lights which vibrated. Once I realized I wasn't imagining this I felt calmed by her presence and could feel her sit beside me and rub my back. I quickly fell back to sleep. I mentioned it to my neighbor who happened to be spiritually aware. She explained how my mother hadn't left me, just changed her form. That I could talk to her anytime I wanted and she would hear me.  

Feeling Spirit

While I don't recall seeing spirits again for a long time, I was always aware of various beings present with me. I'd often look through the possessions left behind by my grandparents and aunts, holding the objects, looking through their things and connecting with them. Seeing pieces of their lives and who they were through feeling them. At times I would hear voices speaking softly around me. Often, when I'd ask myself a question or was trying to make a decision, I'd hear a clear voice in my head give me the answer. Always remarkable when it happened, it always seemed natural to me so I didn't question it.  

Absorbing and Learning

While spiritual development wasn't my primary focus as  I matured, I talked to as many people as I could, hung around the NYC metaphysical shops, joined the Metaphysical Club where I worked (believe it or not, I worked at the United Nations where there was a tremendous number of colleagues with similar interests). I submerged myself in the world of metaphysics and spirituality, absorbing as much as I could from anyone who would share their experiences.   I have studied astrology and tarot for sheer pleasure.  My love of meditation brought me on a journey where I learned of yoga, was introduced to Reiki, Parmahansa Yogananda, Buddisim, and just a big, beautiful world of metaphysics. While my interest in tarot reading has far exceeded my interest in anything (except meditation) I continue to be on the journey accompanied by so many other great souls.


What Shapes My Sessions for You

My readings are based on what I wanted to have received in a reading over the years. What did I need to know about myself, my present condition, that I just wasn't able to see? How could I identify and overcome the issues standing in my way? I didn't want to see the trouble that was coming (back then I knew there was always trouble on the horizon!)  I wanted to know how to change the direction I was heading and make my life better. I wanted to feel better. I wanted to know there was something wonderful on the horizon for me that I could actually attain. This desire lies at the heart of every one of my readings.


Through the desire for spiritual protection, clarity, insight, higher vibrations, joy, truly loving experiences, relief, optimism, confirmation, guidance, support in my own life I sought to connect with my guides and angels. I learned how. It is with this connection that I begin our session. By asking that OUR guides and angels work together to bring you (and me, because I benefit from our reading as well) the information, support and guidance needed.  

All of my abilities come into play during our session

The empathic, psychic, medium, channel, healer - they flow simultaneously, and cohesively into the reading.  We learn about ourselves, as we live here - as a blending of our spirit nature with human nature. Our Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels only want for us to be happy and living a truly authentic version of ourselves and therefore, they will never tell you anything that is frightening or provokes worry and anxiety.


Our Guides and Angels will light the way for you

to really love yourself and your experience here.  


As you read with me, you experience the coming together of all of my abilities and motivations.You receive accurate information as it relates to your questions, insights into your situation, and confirmation of your own intuitions. The readings will often go deeper than just confirmation. Healings can be accessed at times. Some people will cry as they release long held emotions, some will feel a wave of love and joy, some feel like a huge weight has been lifted, others feel empowered to move forward. Plus it's fun, humor is abundant during the sessions!

I love reading for people. I feel as though I get a glimpse of the truly loving part of human spirit when I read. Always feeling so honored that my client has graciously allowed me to feel their spirit in such a wonderful and personal way I send my deepest heartfelt thanks and offer my continued prayers for everyone. 

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