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Sleepless Nights,  Self-Fulfilling Prophecies. Nine of Air, Angel Tarot

Sleepless nights, unpleasant dreams, expecting the worst? The Nine of Air indicates that these unpleasant thoughts and dreams are the result of our own obsessive negative thinking.

Our minds seem to fixate on one anxiety producing possibility and it is a downward spiral from there on. One bad thought after another seem to over run your consciousness.

Now is the best time to get a hold of those thoughts and release your guilt, your fears and realize that regrets and thinking about all that isn't well is a big waste of time.

If our minds can create all this anguish and discomfort by what we think of, well time to start thinking of the extraordinary possibilities which lie ahead.

Hold in your minds eye and your heart exactly what you want to feel and have occur. Keep those positive feelings in the forefront and let those wonderful feelings bring more goodness to you.

Release the worry and fear!

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