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The 5th Dimension What It Means (Awaken and Ascend to 5D) In Real Life

As far back as I can recall, astrologers have been talking about the dawning of the New Age. The song "Aquarius" from the musical Hair is about a unique astrological alignment marking the rise in democracy, equality and liberty. That astrological alignment is occurring now. We are moving into the Age of Aquarius. This merges quite beautifully with the conversations of the 5th Dimension. Many people ask me what 5D/Fifth Dimension means. This is the best way I can describe it.

What is the fifth dimension, 5d and ascension? 

The 5th Dimension is not a place to which we go. Ascension actually means that you are learning that there is no separation between us. We are all connected by the very force that creates life. That force flows through each and every living thing. Living in the 5th dimension is a way of seeing, feeling, and behaving that respects the divine in all of us. It is a new perspective in which denying or disrespecting that life force within each living thing becomes intolerable. The 5d world begins when most of us wake up and remain conscious of that. 

mystical landscape beam of light from a light portal from above AI art
The 5th Dimension is not a place we will go to. We won't be beamed up by invisible forces.

5d, fifth dimension, ascension and awakening are words bandied about in the spiritual communities which sometimes insinuate that this state of being or process makes one more aligned to source, better than or superior to everyone else. “We'd better do the ascension work now, before the world's vibration rises and we get left behind”. “The spirit realm chose you to ascend first and now it feels like you’re leaving everyone you love behind”. “Those who choose to stay with their old vibrational patterns will die. They will reincarnate in a world which vibrates like them”.  In reality no one gets left behind, no one is chosen over another. 

A new relationship to the world

Behaving As If The God In All Life Mattered  is the title of a book written by Machaelle Small Wright. The story of Machaelles’ personal journey to develop a co-creative relationship with the unseen forces of nature. She established a 45-acre private research center, Perelandra ltd., where she devotes her life to understanding and demonstrating her unique approach to ecological balance. 

book cover behaving as if the god in all life mattered small furry creature cradled in  a womans hand
Behaving As If The God In All Life Mattered by Machaelle Small Wright

It's not so much the subject of the book that interests me here, although I think she's on to a new way of coexisting with nature, rather it is the title that resonates with me.  Behaving As If The God In All Life Mattered so eloquently describes the 5th dimension.  Living with the recognition of and respect for the aspects of the divine within all life forms. To be able to look at someone who is different for any reason and acknowledge the inherent value in that person makes them equal to you. To collaborate with nature rather than dominate and deplete it. To create balance, fairness and equality with love and compassion for all.

Old behavior becomes intolerable in the 5th dimension 

Within this new fifth dimensional perspective of recognizing the value of the divine within us, it is intolerable to allow children to go hungry. It is intolerable to allow people to be homeless. It is intolerable to inflict pain and suffering on another creature. It is intolerable to deny health care to the sick. It is intolerable to deny basic human rights to anyone. The denial of the divine essence within is so intolerable and abohorant that it just doesn't enter our minds as a possibility. 

How awakening happens

An awakening can be triggered by personal life changing events, world events, deep love, or simply asking for it. To awaken or start the ascension process to the 5d world, is to strip away the harmful preconditioning of our personal history, societies, politics, ego and religion. It is looking at the ugly thoughts, beliefs, feelings and behaviors that have been expressed in ways which deny the inherent value of others - and ourselves.  It is looking at our mistakes, our self centered, defensive actions. It's looking at the harm others in their own pain and self defense inflicted upon us. 

It is the process of healing, finding acceptance, forgiveness. Waves of grace wash over us inspiring us to take action to make a difference. Just to be absolutely clear, acceptance and forgiveness does not mean letting anyone off the hook so they can do it again. It doesn't mean forgetting. It means we have resolved those discordant feelings to rise above it and change. 

The ascension of the world happens as more individuals awaken

We start making changes within ourselves, we then expand that way of behaving with this new perspective to our loved ones, our children, our neighbors, community, our leaders and our government. It's not done quickly. It's a process that might take years for the individual and decades or generations for societies. The 5d world begins when most of us get to that level of conscious awareness.


You are responsible for the state of your reality, you can change it at any time. You are not personally responsible for the state of the world but you can change it. You and I are a part of the collective consciousness which contributes to the current state of the world and we can affect change.  As we accelerate our own conscious expansion we facilitate our collective growth. 

What it's like to ascend

The ascension process can be ugly, painful, depressing, filled with anxiety and despair. Examining layer after layer of horrible feelings, fears, regret, pain, coming up for air in-between and plunging back again. It may feel like it is never going to end. But it does. We move through it especially if we hold the intention to heal. 

How ascension leads to the 5th dimension

Ascension is a process of deconstructing the defensive, destructive patterns we have in place.  By listening deeply to ourselves we can then listen to others. By embracing ourselves - flaws and all with compassion and forgiveness, we can do the same for others. 

This is the awakening of compassion for all life. To behave as if the God in all life mattered, is to recognize the inherent value in all living things, be they people, animals, or plant life. To act with compassion and care, to collaborate and ensure all creatures great and small are, at the very least, not suffering but thriving.  

The 5d world is the world in which all people are recognized as valuable and treated with dignity. Where children are safe at school, everyone is housed and fed nutritiously, where the sick and elderly are cared for. A world where we collaborate with nature instead of dominating and depleting it. Where quality of life for all is highly valued and attained. That is living in the 5th dimension. 

Some may say that kind of world is impossible to reach from where we are now. I see evidence of the awakening and ascension of the world to the fifth dimension already happening. We may have a long road ahead of us but, we are facing many facets of the darkness and we are growing. 


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