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Classes to develop your intuition,
learn to read tarot and meditation.

Learn Tarot Class

Tarot Class

 Learn to read tarot in a group setting, develop solid spiritual practices, and learn techniques to enhance your reading and psychic abilities. From the ground up - build your abilities.
Learn to trust the information you receive.


This is designed to teach you what you can't get by reading a tarot book.

The goal is to get you comfortable with interpreting the spreads, connecting you to

your higher power and using your intuition during a reading. 


The Class Covers

Overview of the tarot arcanas, and court cards.
Please note, we will not be going over the meaning of each card. 

 Discover and learn to develop your sixth sense (your clairs).

Spiritual protection, grounding and connecting with higher vibrational energies.

How to weave the information you get into a reading.

Time-tested tarot spreads.

Practice reading and homework

Tarot Mentoring

Tarot Mentoring

 If you've been reading for yourself or are already reading for others and would like to improve your abilites, get more from the cards or go deeper into combinations or learn more about the personalities of the court cards tarot mentoring may be just what you need.

Whereever you are in your development or abilities is where we will start our work together. Private 1 to1 sessions in person or online with Zoom. The sessions will be designed and tailored to your specific needs. 

Intution Development Class

Intuition Development Class

Activate your intuition. Discover what the sixth senses are (the clairs) and learn how to use them.

For Classes or Mentoring
Fill out the interest form

Alternatively, contact Martha directly to sign up.

845-288-1890, or

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Meditation Gathering

Ongoing every other Sunday,
starting April 14th - Twice Monthy 
From 12;00 - 1:15
Reservation is a must.   Pay as you wish.

None of us are immune from challenging situations in both our private life and the world around us.
The benefits of meditation are cumulative. The more you show up for the practice,
the greater the reward. In this meditation gathering we will learn to connect with
our guides and angels around us who are here to help.


Meditation has an imediate effect of lowering anxiety, blood pressure and creating a sense of calm.

The ongoing practice of meditation allows you to:

Meditaton Gathering

 Navigate life's crazy ups and downs with a greater sense of calm
(instead of feeling like a bag being blown about by the wind.

Tap into your inner wisdom. 

Release toxic habits.

Improve long-term emotional well-being.

Pave the way to healthier attitudes and actions. 

Develop your intuition.

Connect more deeply with your higher self, your guides and angels.

Fill out the Meditation reservation form.

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Located in Wappingers Falls, 12590, Dutchess County in the Hudson Valley, NY

Contact Martha

Martha's Tarot


To make an appointment or find out more information:

Text or Call 845-288-1890



Readings can be in-person, by phone or Zoom.

Appointments are available

Saturday thru Wednesday 9-7

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