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Time for a Party!

This last week has been extraordinarily busy for Tarot readings. The approach of Halloween gets us in the mood for a reading! I threw my cards the other day, just to see if there was anything they wanted me to know. My Celtic Cross spread resonated with the kind of events I had going on except for the Three of Water. A happy and fun card signifying community and entertainment. This card appeared in the 6th position signifying an upcoming event. I knew that I would be invited to a party! I love parties!

Tarot Card Reading 3 of Water

That evening I received a call from an eager sounding woman who found me on Google. She was having a Halloween party that weekend and she wanted a Tarot reader to come and offer readings to her guests. Certainly, I was in! I love reading cards for people - especially during such a festive time. And what better time?

I dressed as a butterfly fairy and sat in the room as one client after another sat in the chair beside me as we ventured together into a deeper atmosphere thick with expectation. It was a spectacular evening, the guests had a blast and I was floating on the wonderful energy of this group.

As a reader it was amazing to see the remarkable energetic connections families have show up in their Tarot spreads. I got to immerse in the beautiful energies of friends and family all having fun together. Such a wonderful way to experience the spirit of us,

For a few guests, it was their first ever Tarot reading. I just loved watching their eyes as the reading unfolded, the absolute beauty of their hearts was revealed to me that night. It was a remarkable experience, and I look forward to more!

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