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The Courageous Woman - The Nine of Fire

Courageous Woman, nine of pentacles/fire tarot card

Just when you think you are ready to give up - the warrior woman appears urging you to continue onward.

I love this card, the 9 of Fire/Pentacles. So many of my female clients have this card show up in their readings especially when they need to draw on their courage and warrior spirit to keep going even when they feel they can't. It inevitably reveals to me the internal fortitude my client possesses that they aren't aware of. Confidence, righteousness, power and conviction.

Often this card appears when you feel you have come far and doubt your strength to finish. When you are feeling ready to give up this card appears to tell you that you do have the strength to see yourself through the situation you are in. Stand strong, go for what you want. With all the knowledge you need in hand, you are more than capable of using your experience and power to push through this last phase to complete victory.

Carry on! You will succeed.

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