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Peaceful, Easy Feeling: 10 of Earth - Trine of the Sun and Moon!

Go with the easy flow of energy today as the sun in Taurus trines the moon in Capricorn, a transit that brings calm, success and peace.

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I was looking at the planetary transits for today when it struck me how very much today's transit feels like the 10 of Earth in Angel Tarot deck. When the sun and the moon form a trine, our physical and emotional natures are synchronized. Life has an easier flow to it. Cooperative ventures shine, and material gain is likely thanks to Taurus and Capricorn. This is a peaceful, low-drama period at it’s best: no matter what you are planning for today, you’ll feel at ease. Capricorn moon loves to take on responsibility and practicality, so our emotions are likely to be grounded. The sun in Taurus can completely relate, creating an atmosphere that allows synchronicity to flow effortlessly. So today's message to us all is this: heed the wisdom of the message the 10 of Earth presents. Enjoy all the little things your life offers you, draw comfort from those around you and know that you are blessed. The Universe loves a grateful heart, rewarding those who appreciate what they have with more of the same.

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