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Major Arcana - 1 The Magician. You Are Ready! Move Ahead

The right time to begin new projects, as you are prepared to move ahead. Even if you don't feel ready, know that your entire life experience has prepared you for this. You have all the skills, knowledge and determination to succeed. Everything is ready and you just need to go forward. This is where you can really start to manifest your transformation, whether it is about material success, spiritual transformation or creating better relationships.

Angel tarot card 1 The Magician  Martha' Tarot Dutchess County

Leave doubts behind, gather up your self-confidence and get going! The more self-confidence you muster and apply to this project the more successful it will be. The opportunities available at this time may seem magical to you. Your inner strength seems to be aided by Angels. Don't be afraid to call on them for more help.

This card also communicates that there is no more need to take classes, or read books, as those can distract you. Focus your energy and get moving!

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