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Angels and The Tarot - Richer Meanings and Receiving from the Angels

A couple of months ago I started to write about the Major Arcana cards, and their significance when they appear in a reading. I only posted twice about them and got distracted with appointments. (That's a good thing.) These readings have been in-depth and have inspired me to increase my ability to connect to Source and provide better communication for my clients. What that meant for me is an increase in focused meditations, more practice, experiments and study.

During my newly focused meditation I saw a large pyramid shape of indigo colored light descend upon me. It covered my body as a second pyramid - upside down - rose from below until the two pyramids interlocked surrounding me, forming a new shape 3 dimensional shape.

Metarons Cube

Image borrowed from Hridhaya Center for Well being,

During the next meditation it began to fill in with more geometric shapes, and glowing balls of energy on the points of each. It glowed, pulsed, vibrated and continued to fill with more geometric shapes until it began to spin. Ever see one of those light toys that you turn on and watch the shapes change as it moves faster and faster in circles? That's what happened. These two tetrahedrons turned into a glowing spinning cube that shot points of light off of its corners.

Metatrons Cube

Image borrowed from

This experience wasn't that unusual for me, as I have had some extraordinary meditations but, this one really had my curiosity going. It was while looking at Doreen Virtues' meaning of the Major Arcana card,, 7 the Chariot, that I read the Archangel Metatron will use Metatron's cube to heal people by clearing unhealthy energy and "warp time to enable you to instantly manifest your dreams into reality". I really like Metatron's energy, he records our choices in the Akashic records and so he teaches us to use power for good, to choose our thoughts carefully since thoughts lead to actions and he wants us to make the best possible choices.

Since this first meditation experience with Metatron, two more Angels have made their presence know to me: Haniel, The Major Arcana card 18, The Moon and Sandalphon, Major Arcana card 5 Unity. I will post later the deeper meanings and connections with them. These connections are the direct result of my focused meditations to increase my connection to Source and provide better communication for my clients.

My understanding of Major Arcana 7 the Chariot has deepened.

My traditional interpretation has been your successful balancing of a challenging situation. Your ability to see clearly for all involved, take the action needed and make decisions. Do this and be rewarded with respect and acknowledgement. Increased motivation and energy levels allow you accomplish your goals. Also reminds you use kindness when exercising your control.

You may feel a real boost in your energy toward your goals. Taking a great leap forward rewards you with a possible promotion or award. Applying your powerful energy toward good for all, brings you greater personal rewards.

If you have the urge to replace a negative thought with positive ones, that is the energy of Metatron urging you to make good choices, keep positive thoughts and moving forward for the good of all!

It's a great feeling to be immersed in the energy of Source!

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