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Major Arcana - 12 Strength - Archangel Ariel

Psychic Tarot Readings Martha's Tarot  11 Strength

Lately this is one of my favorite cards in the Major Arcana. I find it keeps coming up in the readings of my female clients. On occasion it has appeared in the spreads for my male clients too. It has shown them to be men who have come to understand that their power is not solely reliant upon brute strength. These men have developed their compassion and understanding of relationships. The extraordinary strength of this card always emerges as kind, loving, understanding strength.

The woman is shown with a wild animal which she has tamed. She has tamed it not by brute force, or sheer will power but by using the skills and abilities most afforded to women: understanding, kindness and sympathy. She carefully approached the ferocious animal using her courage and gentleness. She displays her understanding and compassion and wins over the beast. Her continued strength and kindness develops their relationship into one of loyalty and affection and the wild animal will do anything for her.

This card shows you that you are stronger than you realize, that you can handle your current situation. The kind of strength the situation is calling for requires the softness of your spirit. The loving core of your soul.

Your effectiveness, your understanding of life experiences continue to grow. Have patience and the courage of your convictions and use your ability to connect to the spirit of those around you. Be compassionate and forgive. You will only gain.

The Archangel Ariel is the spirit of nature and offers us assistance with our day-to-day needs. Food, home, clothing, all material needs. Call upon her for strength when you are worried about such things.

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