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Major Arcana - 10 Wheel of Fortune, Opportunity to Change Your Life

Wheel of Fortune Opportunity for Change Marthas Tarot

Wheel of Fortune Angel Tarot Readings

Whoa! This tarot card, The Wheel of Fortune, has meaning and energy that makes me tingle with excitement. If ever you've wanted a change but that change always seemed just out of reach, this is the moment where the world opens up and presents you with opportunity for change.

The reading for my new client last night had the Wheel of Fortune in almost every spread we did. She had just gone through a painful breakup which blindsided her and left her deflated. Her spreads turned up a few cards over and over again. The Wheel of Fortune, and the 8 of Air/Swords, and the 10 of Air/Swords.

10 of Air Angel Tarot Card Readings Martha's tarot
8 of Swords Tarot Card Readings with Martha's Tarot

This combination of cards was signaling to her that the opportunity for change was present. She could recognize what led to this situation and never have it happen again.

The 8 of Air/Swords you aren't locked into your present situation

- especially if you’re unhappy. Although you may feel there’s no way out, look again! There will be possibilities for freeing yourself from this situation in a healthy, harmonious way. First, though, you must feel more confident about who you are and your abilities.

Believe in yourself and keep your thoughts positive right now. When you find yourself feeling sad, identify what you were thinking about and acknowledge it, and let it go.

8 Air  Angel Tarot Martha's Tarot Readings

Turn your thoughts to something, anything that makes you feel better. It may not be a thought about the situation you are wanting to change, but that's okay. Find something that makes you feel good. Run with that. Eventually, that situation won't be able to make you feel down.

The Wheel of Fortune is a divinely inspired symbol. It's showing you that you have the forces of life on your side and any effort you make towards change will be boosted by the energy that creates all life. It's as if Heaven heard your prayers and just presents you with opportunity after opportunity to make changes. You just have to grab onto it.

With the Wheel of Fortune I find that there may be quirky events that lead to change. I had a client who had this card pop up several times during a reading about finding her mate. When the Wheel popped up over and over I clearly saw a twist of fate involved in their meeting. She would be invited to a party with a friend, reluctantly she'd go. While there she'd run into another friend who brought with her an acquaintance. That would be the man for her. Sure enough, that's what happened. Even turned out that they had actually met a year before but had not gotten the opportunity to talk!

Let go of the grief, hang on and trust that all works out for you. In fact, everything is always working out for you!

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