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Compassion is Unlimited in Supply. Universal Love in the Tarot: the Ace of Cups/Water

@kerryclarkspeake instagram

I saw this instagram post @kerryclarkspeake and it struck a chord within me. It reminded me of the never ending flow of giving and receiving and compassion.

Compassion works for the those receiving compassion and those giving compassion. Having compassion is a win-win situation. Compassion is available in an unlimited supply.

The ability to understand another's suffering combined with the desire to do something about it: compassion. I think there is more to it. There is actually a payoff for the one who has compassion. Having compassion for someone involves more than putting yourself in their place and genuinely wanting to help them. It is to have a totally different perception of others. It's about assuming the best of someone.

Let's say you are worried about your child and you are walking down the street thinking about what to do for them. Lost in this thought you walk right past an acquaintance without saying hello. They could take it personally and assume you were slighting them by ignoring you, bringing their mood down and putting them on the defensive possibly for the rest of the day, creating more uncomfortable situations during the day.

Or they could just assume that your passing without saying hello was not intended. There was nothing personal against them. Maybe they could (rightly) assume that you had something on your mind and didn't mean to snub you. That your were just lost in thought. They might actually feel for you and reach out to you later and continue on into their day feeling good, and keep their happy mood. No offense intended and none taken. No one's day is ruined.

Showing compassion keeps a positive momentum going. It establishes a beautiful flow of giving and receiving. It is never ending. Compassion is limitless.

Ace of Water/Cups: The healed and open heart. The ability to give and receive unconditional love and compassion.​​

ace of cups/water unlimited love and compassion
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