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Selenite Wands for Amazing Aura Cleansing and Communication

I have previously posted 5 of my favorite methods of aura cleansing. Here I share with you my most favorite of all stones for cleansing auras and spaces. Selenite wands. I just picked up this wand the other day at the opening of the Angel Aura Spiritual Boutique in Pawling, NY. It was perched on a shelf with a group of other selenite wands and they just jumped out at me. I bought one for less than $10 and it is amazing.

Selenite wand for cleaning auras and space, increasing meditation effectiveness and Martha's psychic tarot readings in Dutchess county

I am so loving this crystal, as I discover its amazing potential for clearing, grounding and channeling. I find as I look into it, it glows and the color of the light emanating from it changes. I have been noticing a difference in my meditation, readings, the energy in our home and the mood of those of us who live here. And I have only had it a couple of weeks!

As I have been working with it over the last couple of weeks I find it's powers unleashing. First it should be established, as in any metaphysical practice, your intention of what you are about to do. I have different intentions with each practice.

Using Selenite Wand for Mediation, Charging Objects, Cleansing Auras and Spaces.

  1. Meditation: I set my intention that the stone will aid me in clearing away negative energies, and allow clear communication with my guides and higher intelligence. I hold it either in my hands, or place on my crown (or where ever I feel moved to place it) and begin my meditation. Sometimes i hold it in my hands together or in each hand separately.

  2. Charging and Clearing my Tarot Cards of Any Object: I set my intention that the selenite will aid in releasing negative energies, judgement, and bring in clarity, love and wisdom most helpful to me and my clients. Placing it then on top of my cards while they are resting, in the sunlight. They just glow.

  3. Cleansing Aura and Room: I set my intention to release any and all negative energies (or entities who have come while their loved ones were being read) and create a space where love and light prevail. I wave it over my body while clearing my own energies and wave it around the room as I would while sage smudging.

The way I am receiving information during a tarot reading is shifting, it flows so much more easily, and with an extraordinary clarity. I will keep you up updated on how it progresses as I move forward working with my selenite wand. I hope this is helpful to you too.

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