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Wheel of Fortune Angel Tarot

The Wheel of Fortune fills me with a wonderful sense of excitement, relief, and surprise. While the Wheel can indicate that the hand of fate is at work here and there may not be any way to tell what can happen (depending upon surrounding cards), I find that interpretataion to be infrequent. Surprising turn of events for the BETTER is what usually happens when this card pops up.

When events in your life seem to have been against you, when you haven't been able to "catch a lucky break", this card indicates that will change. A sense of destiny being on your side, the finding of opportunity in accident, that quirky circumstance that just leads you right where you want to be. That to me is the essence of the Wheel of Fortune.

Destiny plays a role. You see life's threads weave together, opening to luck and sensing the action of fate. Maybe even witnessing a miracle! The Wheel of Fortune shows that surprising turning point, when you feel the movement of change of direction in your life much to your relief!

At times one begins to see how events connect in your life, helping you become more aware of or uncover patterns.

The Wheel of Fortune always serves to expand your outlook helping you gain greater perspective in discovering your role and purpose.

The Wheel of Fortune has often been a card of Happy Accidents for me. Appreciate the element of surprise, destiny and movement the energy this card brings to you!

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