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Choose Better-Feeling Thoughts

Choose better-feeling thoughts and speak more of what you do want and less of what you do not want. By doing this you will gently tune yourself to the vibrational frequency of attracting exactly what you want.

how to deal with anxiety 9 of Air Angel Tarot

The 9 Air / 9 Swords shows us that we are worrying (basically asking the Universe to give us that exact bad thing we are worrying about) and the task at hand is to choose better-feeling thoughts. We get what we think of, whether it's wanted or not.

how to manage sleepless nights 9 of Swords Tarot

If anxiety and worry keep you up at night, if you find yourself obsessing over one or two bad things that happened or worse, obsessing about what MIGHT happen, then the first thing you should do to help yourself is meditate.

Even just 8 minutes a day - find that little bit of time to just sit quietly and focus on your breathing. Allow thoughts to come into your mind (I mean really, we are human!) but when you realize you are thinking about all the things you have to do or what has been bothering you - just remind yourself to once again focus on your breathing. This message has been coming to my clients through my readings: meditate just a few minutes every day for 30 days and you will notice a change. You will be thinking more clearly, you will find yourself making decisions with less angst attached.

New to meditation? Try this brief guided breathing meditation I found on youtube. This is the key to all meditations: breathing. Allowing thoughts to flow into your mind and gently guiding your focus back to your breathing. Simple? Yes! You can do it.

It is just when we need meditation the most (when we are stressed and overwhelmed and anxious) that we believe we CAN'T meditate. Get into the daily, or almost daily, habit of meditation. You will see a huge difference in your state of mind.

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