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Why Angel Tarot Cards?

There are so many different tarot decks available that the choices are dizzying.

Ryder Waite


Mystical Creatures

Animal Spirits

Forest Folklore


Fung Shui




The Mythic

The Moon

and thousands more!

The energy a deck was created with, and the energy the reader connects with while reading, to me, are the most important. Are they focused on spotting trouble or finding solutions? Are they judgmental or are they embracing of all no matter where they are in their spiritual and physical evolution?

The imagery is of paramount importance to me. It is the images that really convey the meaning of the card for me. The Angel cards I use (Doreen Virtue's Angel Cards) are all images of angels, fairies, unicorns and mermaids (and merdudes). That's the loving world I love to live in. Angel tarot cards present to us even the most uncomfortable situations in a most positive and helpful way. Their purpose is to help us along our path to finding love and peace.

In the common Ryder-Waite deck the 9 of Swords shows a woman sitting up in bed, head in hands and swords hanging over her head. This image actually creates anxiety for me! Yes, I know that it is designed to show anxiety that keeps you up at night. But to me, she's alone! Crying! With danger all around her! Yikes! I get upset when I see this and I feel like there is nothing to be done but feel miserable.

9 of swords ryder-waite deck

The Angel cards show this same message very differently. Yes, she's up in the middle of the night probably worrying. But, she is surrounded by her clan with reason to feel secure, and she is protected by the woods. This shows me that her anxiety is really caused by nothing in reality but what she's thinking of. Easy to remedy, change your thoughts.

9 of air angel tarot

Okay, it sounds simple but is it? Kind of. This is to remind us to be aware of what we are thinking of. Suppose a woman is so convinced her husband is cheating on her even though there is no evidence of it. She looks everywhere for signs, finds none. Instead of thinking "Whew, not cheating" she thinks "Ah, he's really good at hiding this". Her attitude towards him becomes suspicious and defensive. This subtle shift in her attitude pushes him away from her. Eventually he does cheat on her. So, the message is to become aware of what you are thinking of, and start turning your thoughts to a more optimistic view point.

These cards although they technically mean the same thing, show me very different viewpoint of the possible cause and solution. The Angel cards allow me to see a solution and feel hope and see clearly the reasons to feel safe.

The way a reader interprets the cards has a significant impact on the reading too. A recent client came to me nearly in tears because the tarot reading she had just a week before left her feeling hopeless and doomed! She came to me for a reading because of the energy she felt when she read my reviews and website. When we threw her cards we did see a difficult relationship to men. But, the Angels showed her the wonderful qualities and abilities she already possessed and presented information that allowed her to see herself in a new light. She left our reading with tears of joy, a deep feeling of relief and power over her destiny.

What we saw were the same "difficulties" the other reader saw but it was presented in a completely different way. The previous reader told her this struggle with men was in her "dna" and there was nothing she could do about it. She was, according to the reader, destined to be with men who would treat her badly. The reality is no one is "doomed" to a reality they don't want! We have the ability and power to change the course of our lives, we just need to see how.

There are certainly tarot readers who can use any deck out there and interpret the information positively, and lovingly.

I myself am prone to anxiety (as many psychics and sensitives are) and really appreciate the soothing images and energies of the Angel cards. I think the deck was created by people who are in touch with a non-judgmental, loving and embracing viewpoint of life and the connection to spirit. I prefer to live in my inner world where unicorns and fairies abound. It allows me to see and understand the sometimes harsh world we have created for ourselves here in a way that isn't so hurtful. I have always asked that my readings be loving, positive and healing and the Angel cards assist in powerful ways to ensure that is what gets delivered to the recipients of my readings.

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