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April Energy Update - Battle of light vs dark

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April Energy Update - Astrological aspects

I keep seeing so many clickbait headlines evoking the anxiety of tumultuous astrological changes coming this month. The astrological line up is particularly volatile this month. There is already a lot of heightened anxiety with the state of our world - the intense battles of opinions, treatment of humans and animals...many have likened it to a battle of good vs. evil or light vs. dark.  The news and social media have been focusing on the more contentious aspects of these energies of light and dark. It's being shot at us like water from a fire hose. It can knock us for a loop and back again. Even if it's just in the headlines we see!


April Energy Update

No doubt, there is a lot of astrological activity this month. The most talked about is the Solar Eclipse occuring over the United States April 8th. We just came through a Lunar Eclipse, we are entering a protracted Mercury Retrograde and an upcoming Jupiter and Uranus conjunction.



Astrology as a tool for growth.

I'm not one to take astrology transits too deeply into the heart. I see the energies as an opportunity to grow and change my own life. When there is a series of planetary aspects which all line up as they are now, it can be a major impetus for growth. These last few months have been challenging.  Recognize these challenging events as moments for us to utilize what is present for greater growth and transformation. And this month is one of those astrological opportunities. One for deep transformation.  


The Extremes: The light vs. the dark

Within our individual selves and on a global field, we have been experiencing polar opposites coming into play. Extremes in all arenas. The deepest, darkest energies have been coming to the surface in order for us to heal them. On the global landscape there is so much evidence of the extreme beliefs and behaviors playing out.


Many of us have been diving deep into our past, dredging up old emotions, wounds, traumas or behavior. Leaving behind parts of our lives or aspects of our personalities either with change of relationships, jobs, career moves and even relocating. All part of the process of bringing the darker parts up from our psyche, our emotions, our spirit and our lives in order to release them and make room for more of who we truly are. You are a spiritual being having a physical experience. Embracing the true parts of yourself is what will help you the most.  


This astrological point in time is an extraordinary opportunity for each of us to understand that we hold so much power! The power that lies within each of us is our light, our love. The healing we've undertaken on a personal level, allows us to hold a greater amount of light and love. It also gives us the strength to be steadfast in knowing who we are. In the recognition and release of those shadowy emotions that held so much pain and caused us to behave in such a wounded way, we now have room for us to acknowledge the individual beauty within ourselves.


Standing in your power

The tricky part is when we are faced with a challenging situation - how do we hold that space of love? At this time of great healing, the old consciousness is being met by the new consciousness. Battles of light vs. dark ensue. It can be overwhelming for us. These few tips may help you stand in your power. If you'd like more tips, see my post on shadow work.


  • Meditation can facilitate your ability to find balance while navigating these rough moments. It's often referred to as "presence". It's a powerful tool for you. 

  • Develop a toolkit for yourself. Try different self-fulfilling activities.Yoga, meditation, art, dance, biking, skating, music...Include one or more of these into your week so you are sustaining your inner being.

  • If you are uncertain, hold off making any moves. Clarity and certainty will come as you move into your true self. 

  • When the world is overwhelming, focus instead on your own location. Your community, your family, your friends. 

  • Honor your sensitivity. This sensitivity means you are compassionate, caring and loving. 

  • Seek out like-minded and like-hearted people. Connecting with friends or acquaintances who are like-hearted but see/experience things differently can help you expand. Stay open. This is a good time to make a move to create or expand your community. 



Move into grace. 

After each of the deep dives into the darkness, we rise up and find a wave of forgiveness washing over us. It's healing, it's restorative. It's the moment when we feel a sense of peace and alignment with our true selves. There may be another plunge into the darkness, but yet again, your true self will reveal itself to you and you will rise again.

With each plunge into the shadows, we are making the space to hold more of the light and love to share with those around us. You will find it easier and easier to regain balance. To see the good in all of us.


Rest assured, as this is playing out in our lives as individuals, it is playing out on a global scale too. It just takes longer on the world stage because it's bigger. Healing, and the recognition of the spirit in all life is coming.





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