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The Words We Choose - Law of Attraction

Updated: Mar 30

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Send clear signals to the Universe with the law of attraction

The words you choose and the law of attraction

Through my tarot reading sessions and through my personal experiences, I've learned that our emotions are indicators of what messages we are sending out into the Universe, activating the law of attraction. The words you choose to think or say have an emotional power to them as well as a vibration which influences the law of attraction.  Words allow us to express what we think and feel. They have the power to shape our beliefs, influence our actions and alter the course of the future. Even the words we choose in casual conversation or the thoughts roaming around your head all have an impact on what you're experiencing in your internal world and the external world. Words have a vibration and frequency to them and vibrational frequency is how the law of attraction works.

It’s no matter if you believe you’re just stating the obvious, rest in certainty you are letting the Universe know that’s the frequency you’re on. That’s the vibration you will attract. It’s the law of attraction. By repeatedly stating the obvious, you are conditioning a response to what you see and you are hardwiring that into your brain. If you need to let off steam and complain, do it, but only for a few seconds. Immediately shift the vibration (the words you’re choosing) to move yourself into a better feeling place around the subject. You will feel an emotional and sometimes physical difference once you shift your vibrational attraction.

An example of stating the obvious and attracting what you don't want

“My brother turned me down today when I asked for his help. I am really pissed off, I don't want to do this alone. No one ever helps me out when I need it. I'm always left on my own to struggle. I remember the time I asked my other brother to help me and he turned me down. And then the time I asked my friend to give me a lift (who I'm always going out of my way to help) wouldn't do it…”  Notice how if feels when you think this or even read it. Your body may beome tense in certain areas.

You're emotions are an indicator of what you are telling the Universe you want. If your words evoke the feeling anger, you will get anger. If your words evoke the feeling of shame, you will feel shame. The same holds true when you are saying a word that holds the vibration you are wanting, but you are not feeling that vibration, it works against what you are trying to attract.

You can honor what you're feeling in the moment by acknowledging it, but choose not to stay there.

When you think or speak, notice how you feel. Whatever you are feeling - if it is discomfort, ill at ease, angry, unsettled -If you continue this stream of conversation or thought, you will find more and more instances of feeling that way. You will get stuck there and attract more of that which you don't want. 

Change the vibration of what you're sending out with words. 

Pivot away from that which you don't want, even if it is the current reality. 

Try something like this: “My brother turned me down today when I asked for his help. I am really pissed off, I don't want to do this alone.” - now turn it around- “He has helped me at other times in the past. In fact there are many times friends and family have done wonderful things for me, sometimes without my asking.  I may have had to do some things on my own in the past and maybe I needed to. People do come to my aid when I need it. I do have support in my life.”  

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If emotion behind the words you choose are what you want, the law of attracton works for you.

Notice how it feels when you turn it towards a more positive aspect of the same subject. The tension that was building as you were going into the injustices or complaining, suddenly shifts and you allow more ease and comfort in. This very shift in energy allows you to find the support you need in that moment! You are no longer focusing on the problem but rather focusing on the energy that allows the solution to follow. The law of attraction follows that emotional and energetic vibration.

Honor your feelings.

You can honor what you're feeling in the moment by acknowledging it, but choose not to stay there. If you find over a longer period of time the same situation keeps coming up, you might become more aware of a pattern that needs to shift, or an old wound of yours that needs healing. By limiting the time you call up those things you don't like and move into what you do like you can eliminate those patterns, and shift what experiences you are attracting. When you are feeling the uncomfortable emotions, ask your higher power to help you heal this. Ask to release the old pattern and move into freedom and joy.

Becoming aware of the Quiet Thoughts. 

It takes some effort and perhaps discipline to become aware of those quiet thoughts that bubble beneath the shadows of our emotions. When something is upsetting you in your life, you will be very aware of what it is. It's the quiet afterthoughts that will likely point the way for you to see what else is going on beneath the surface.  Those quiet thoughts or beliefs that allow external circumstances to trigger them result in the feelings of anger, frustration, lack, despair, disappointment. 

A friend of mine was experiencing a prolonged period of fluctuating anxiety. It would come and go sometimes throughout the day or over long periods of time.  We would talk about what she was feeling when it kicked up. We would talk about ways for her to find some balance, to regulate her nervous system either through breathing, yoga, dancing (she loved doing those activities). Then we noticed the conversation would turn to something specific. “I just don't feel I can be good enough, I always felt I failed to meet my mother's expectations” or another time she mentioned “I feel bad about what I did when I was 20”.  There was always some portion of her history that would come up, seemingly unrelated to the obvious current situation. 

Those are the quiet thoughts. 

They seem to be unrelated to what's going on immediately. When you find those quiet thoughts, write them down, talk about them, or simply choose to release them. We too often keep latching onto old wounds, or rehashing the past.  We do have to make the effort to move on from them, by finding acceptance or forgiveness in order to release ourselves and be free of them and change what we are attracting into our lives. If it's a situation that really needs healing though deeper understanding see a qualified therapist. Set your intention to accept, forgive and release.

Triggers allow us to identify the Quiet Thoughts

In my own deepest, darkest days of  shadow work, I found it much easier to identify my quiet thoughts because I was so focused on uncovering the wounds and healing them. It is in my current state of growing conscious awareness that I have more difficulty identifying them. Still, there are triggering moments in my life where I need to identify those quiet thoughts. 

When I find myself being annoyed by my family members or friends, or just being short tempered, that is when I stop for a minute, take a deep breath and ask for healing and understanding. I've taken the time over the last few years to train myself to ask my Guides and Angels for help in the form of understanding or healing. That very quickly opens my awareness to reveal the quiet thoughts. Undoubtedly, I become aware of an insecurity, or fear, or conflict I have from my past or those conditioned beliefs which now seem hardwired into my brain. Sometimes I immediately begin to understand, see it differently, forgive or heal it. Sometimes it takes repeated effort when those beliefs are more deeply engrained. 

My relationship with angels and guides creates a default-go-to. I ask my angels and guides to help me heal, understand and release. The issue usually gets cleared rather quickly. While I've been working on deeper patterns (the more stubborn beliefs that have deeper stronger roots) it does take longer to clear but keep going, keep asking for help and keep choosing words with a vibrational energy that matches what you want in your life. Call on your guides and angels can help you fine tune your vibrational stance with the law of attraction. Call on them or any other being you feel supported by. It's a cooperative relationship we have with unseen world. We are not truly alone in this world. The words we choose have a vibration and an emotion we can identify. This is one of the tools we are given by spirit to help us grow, achieve and ascend. Learn to use this tool. It starts with asking.

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