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Choosing Your Tarot Deck

I Chose Angel Tarot

Angel cards are gentle, sweet, positive and always serve us in the most thoughtful and constructive way possible. In my experience I find the information delivered through Angel Cards reminds us of our strengths, our high hopes and our abilities to get there. I began reading cards with the Ryder-Waite deck. The images themselves were unsettling to me. People with swords stuck in their back, or poor desperate looking people covered in a robe walking head down in the snow. I did not see a woman (aside from the major Arcana) in a strong position. They would often leave me feeling sad and hopeless after a reading even though the reading itself was highlighting wonderful opportunities on the way.

Being a mostly optimistic and happy person by nature, these images of the traditional Ryder-Waite deck tapped into my own anxieties and sometimes the darkness of humanity, leaving me feeling unsettled and uncomfortable. I stopped reading cards until my sister gifted me a deck of angel cards. Immediately I was taken in by the colors and images. Angel cards whisked me away into the realm of fairies and unicorns and angels! Immediately I loved what I felt and got more familiar with the energy in the deck. I never thought I'd say this - I love unicorns.

That these cards connect with Archangels for the Major Arcana was a plus for me. At the time I really didn't know much about the Archangels and everyone I met who claimed to know them, made it seem so hierarchical, complicated and rigid. As I worked with the Angel Tarot I used my connection to the classic meaning and as my connection with the Angels grew, I have come to develop a greater understanding of the Archangels and the other Angels and Guides, and how they work with us. That's important to remember when choosing your deck. You will eventually blend with and absorb those energies. Those cool looking Zombie tarot may be exciting and make you feel like a real rebel, but you will start to merge with those energies. Think about where you really want to head before tapping into that.

Energetic Connections Through Your Tarot Deck

As I mentioned earlier those scary looking tarot may be exciting and make you feel really different, but you will start to merge with those energies. Think about where you really want to head before tapping into that. When the artists and authors of any tarot deck create, they are tapping into ethereal energies, and focusing that energy into the creation of their deck. It does get filtered through the creators own energies as an interpretation of the messages. There is a deck for every level of experience and vibration so you will find one that resonates with you. Shoot for the higher vibration.

I have met some people who will only get a reading with angel cards or animal spirit cards. Some would prefer only American Indian guides or mystical Goddess cards. I feel it all depends on where you are energetically and where you want to head. There is no doubt that learning to read tarot will help you grow in infinite ways. If there is any one piece of advice I could provide to help guide you it would be to ask your guides, or your inner self: "Which deck will give me what I need to grow?" and follow the inner voice.

What To Consider When Choosing Tarot Cards

You might be attracted to the artwork, or the interpretations at first glance. Pick them up and look through them. I have bought decks I was attracted to only to give them away because we didn't click. Be aware of energetic shifts: a little lightheaded, butterflies in the tummy, tingles...That was an indication to explore more of that deck. I've also felt discomfort when I picked up a deck, a stabbing pain in my head, a choking sensation in my throat. Those were a clear "NO!" They most often come with a book explaining the deck. Look through that book. Do the interpretations signal acceptance and growth? Or do they feel more like they are signaling rigidity, anxiety?

I find that any deck based on the Ryder-Waite deck is easy to learn. The images are clear enough to get a feel of what the card symbolizes. Both of these cards are pretty clearly conveying the feeling of success in the material world to allow us to feel good in giving freely.

There are some beautiful tarot cards that really bring an ethereal feel with moons and

Goddesses, but for me they are too vague or undefined. Maybe those are good once you've got your psychic energy flowing and you're are connected. They are amazing for Oracle Cards. That's when you can tune in to your guidance system and read anything. There are palmists, charmers, tea leaf readers... Eventually, as you become familiar with your deck and your intuition will grow - you will psychically connect with the cards. The deep meaning of the tarot images will help to trigger your own subconscious understanding of the subject, allow your spiritual support team (your Guides and Angels) to access your consciousness and you will actually be taught new meanings, and gain new understanding of the subject matter!

Learning the meaning of the Tarot in combination with good tarot layouts, you will be able to go deep into the wisdom of the tarot, understand what the sitter is experiencing and be able to offer concise information for them to expand into the place they wish to be. You will be able to understand the energies working in a specific area of a persons experience and what is working with it or against it. You will be able to feel your way into offering the sitter the key to unlock their subconscious blocks. The understanding and growth is not limited to the one receiving the reading - you too will grow in spiritual understanding.

Representation of Humans and Angels in the Tarot Cards

Quite frankly, I never cared for the representation in most decks. They triggered a sense of misogyny, racism and classism for me. Right off the bat that made me feel uncomfortable. As for angels, I never saw them as having human features, they appeared to me as color, shape and symbols and most importantly a vibration, that limited my choices in Angel Tarot.

More recently there are decks being reconstructed to be a more inclusive representation. If I was starting to learn cards today, I'd choose the The Modern Witch Tarot. They are the Ryder-Waite with new, updated images.

As for the Angel Tarot I use, the Radleigh Valentine Angel Tarot, I see the humans and angels as red and yellow and blue. They do have white, black and brown people but also fairies, angels, unicorns, dragons, dolphins and mermaids (and merdudes). I am able to connect with the larger spirit of these cards. It is going to be a matter of your personal preference. This is just what works for me.

Happy Journey!


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