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Dealing with Fear During Difficult Times - The 9 of Air Angel Tarot- Deciding to Think Good Thoughts

At this time, the COVID-19 pandemic craziness is making almost all of us are fearful about our finances, our health and the health and safety of our loved ones. As we watch the news, press conferences, read the data charts, "What will I do if...?", "What will happen to me when...?" We play over and over in our minds the "what if's" and we build anxiety through the worry. We rationalize that we are being proactive, figuring out what we will do "if or when...". Actually we are not problem solving by doing that because the problems aren't here. They exist only in our imagination. The more you think about it the bigger it becomes. We allow useless destructive thoughts to run through our minds creating anxiety, panic, the feeling of helplessness - suffering.

All the worst case scenarios aren't happening now. They exist in your mind. Your mind says it COULD happen. Well, maybe. If it does happen you will face the situation, you will handle the difficulties. You will rise to the occasion, you will meet the challenge with grace. You have met many challenges before, and you will continue to face more through your lifetime. The worry about things we cannot control creates suffering. Why suffer?

These nervous thoughts seem to be involuntary. We can't seem to stop what we are thinking in reaction to what we are seeing and experiencing. The very moment we recognize that we are worrying, is the moment we have inner awareness. What that means is we become aware that there is something more than what we are experiencing in the outer world. Ah, yes, our inner world. Our connection to Source, to God, to Light, to Love. That is the opportunity to change the direction, the seemingly involuntary trajectory of our anxiety creating thoughts.

How do we stop the worry? We focus on something else. Take the attention away from it. What ever you focus on becomes bigger, right? So focus on what is good right now, right here in front of you. Can't find the thought to help turn it around? Try hitting the reset button.

An easy way to set the reset button is to take a deep breath. Close your eyes, and breath nice and deep, hold it for a second or two and exhale sharply. As you exhale feel the tension leave your body. Stay there. It doesn't require willpower, just a decision. Close the eyes, and focus on the inner workings of your body. Feel your hands, or your feet, or any body part you choose. Follow your breath as you become aware of let's say - your feet. Feel the energy in your feet, as you breathe feel it move into your toes, feel it move into the arch of your feet as you exhale. Maybe you'll notice a tingle in your feet, your breath slowing down. This is focusing on your awareness. This is the beginning of meditation. Keep going, become aware of your ankles, feel the energy that begins in your toes moving into your ankles and making its way up your calves and spread over your knees. Let this wave of relaxing focus take over your whole body.

From this state of awareness, as you sit in this feeling of well being - even if for a minute - and breathe, feeling that awareness of your inner body, your attention to those fearful thoughts subside. You can do this every day. Just this little practice of re-focusing your awareness to your inner body. You can bump this up by spending 10 minutes on this re-focus exercise. Follow a guided meditation, daily or every other day or every third day. Doesn't matter, just do this to keep your fearful thoughts from taking over your mind. Then you can more easily consciously redirect your thoughts on to things that will be helpful.

What else would be helpful? First I'd suggest that you get up and dressed every morning as you normally would. Shower, dress, okay maybe sleep in a little bit (why not?) but do get yourself up and establish a routine. Check in on your more vulnerable neighbors and friends. Catch up on all the paperwork you've let lag. Clear up all those things that have been nagging at you while you were too busy working and then being distracted by all the fun and social things. Give your day structure. Add a new routine like daily meditation. Keep the radio, tv and news feed off! Check in once in a while if you have to but don't go looking to feed the addictive negative thought cycles. Those negative thoughts that lead to worry and anxiety are habitual. Now you have the time and you can make the decision to kick the negative cycle habit. Find yourself drawn to worry again? Look for helpful videos on youtube by Eckhardt Tolle or Abraham Hicks or your current favorite source of inspiration. Find new thoughts to consume your mind. Decide to stick with it, it may take a bit of practice but remember it is a habit that will become very helpful and ease suffering.

Of course this all started by pulling a card for today. I pulled the 9 of Air. The card of worry and anxiety, the thoughts that keep us up all night long. The card that teaches us whatever we focus on becomes bigger so stop and reset. Connect with your inner awareness and change the trajectory of your thoughts.

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