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Guided to Meditate

If there is any message that consistently comes through in my readings it is: Meditate. So many of my clients just don't.

Either they are too busy to find the time or it's difficult to clear their minds and sit still. Me too! For a good long while I only meditated before a reading.

Benefits of Meditation: Clear sight, confidence in knowing what we are doing is right. Allowing us to enjoy more fully and completely our lives and those we are connected to.

Meditation allows us to clear the chatter of our minds - the distractions that prevent us from feeling, from knowing the wellness that is here for us. The few minutes we spend in the mindfulness of our well-being allows us to receive the refreshing and rejuvenating energy of our source of well-being (God).

The Message: Meditate for just 10 minutes every day for 30 days and you will see a marked improvement in your life. I tried it. I set aside 10 minutes every morning. It was a little bit of a pain to find a regular 10 minutes to sit still and focus on not thinking. I finally settled on starting my pot of coffee and sitting down in my reading room while it brewed. One week I managed to find two days in a row. The next week I did 5 days on and off. The week after I may have done it just one day. Although I missed days and even a week here and there - I kept going.

Finally I did meditate for 30 days straight and you know they were right! I noticed a very big difference in my anxiety, my stress level, and my sense of clarity. Sitting in meditation wasn't as difficult. I had extended the 10 minutes sessions to 20 minutes and I found it very easy to do.

How Meditation Helped Me: Calmness and clarity reigned. Over the period of 4 months of missing days and weeks of meditation at the 5th month I finally meditated for 30 days straight. I made it a point to recognize how I had changed in the last 30 days of meditating. I realized the profound difference it had made for me. My emotions were settled, when I had life events to deal with it wasn't as difficult. I can't say I sailed right through every difficulty but I always had a sense that everything was going to be alright and felt confident that all was well. I can describe it as just floating above the situations that once caused me to tumble.

The Trick: Spirit tricked me! I realize now that I had meditated for 5 months! THE BENEFIT COMES THROUGH REGULAR PRACTICE OF MEDITATION. I got it! You can start and stop if you have to, just get back to it and keep going. Practice meditation more often than not and you too will see a nice difference in your life.

Meditation is Difficult for You?

Try Guided Meditation. Here are links to my favorite guided meditations from the very basics of breathing to intense 30 minute connecting with Angels to sleep meditation.

10 minute guided meditation for basic breathing. Breathing in meditation is important. I moves energy through your physical and light bodies.

10 minute guided meditation to Chakra balancing: This actually teaches you to feel energy (will be important for you later on)

15 minutes guided meditation with Nicky Sutton had several great meditations. I like this one in particular - "Raise Your Vibration" It's fun.

The following meditations are more than 30 minutes long. You can happily fall asleep to them or listen while awake.

Joe T has very good meditations to fall asleep to. I like this one in particular on clearing blocks with your Spirit Guides (and I do it while awake).

And one of my personal favorites. Natasha Tome's Angel Meditation. Admittedly when I first listened all the way through I heard her mention unicorns and I was a little skeptical. However, I continued with the meditation and I now LOVE it. She connects you with Earth energies, grounding you (trees grow tallest when their roots are deep and wide!) and then brings in Angels to protect , open and clear 12 Chakras. You can easily fall asleep to this too, it works well awake or asleep.

Starts slowly if you have to, keep up the practice. One breath at a time!

lots of love and light....

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