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How I Connected With Angels - Archangel Metatron

During a meditation where I was just practicing breathing and mindfulness with my crystals laid out on me and around me, I saw a geometric light form above me. It was a pyramid, just the outline of a pyramid as if you were drawing it. Made of light it hovered above me as it gained in strength just as another pyramid was forming below me in the upside down position. I felt the atmosphere shift and I felt I was floating rather than laying on my bed. I saw a being of light pouring light into the shape. The room was gone, it was me and the pyramids. They moved towards each other until they interlocked. That was all I saw and felt.

When the meditation was done, I'd felt like I'd just come out of a healing. I drank a lot of water and went for a walk. That experience stayed with me although it took me decades to understand what it was that happened. Not long after that experience I stopped meditation and put on hold my spiritual journey. For a while anyway. Not all of us have an awakening and continue on that road straight away. Sometimes our paths are winding roads, and that's okay too. When we are ready, we will stay on that path.

Just a few years ago having resumed I meditation I was calling on the angels to work with me. I wasn't reaching for any particular Angel. I was open to what I needed rather than what I wanted. (Asking for what we need will help us get out of our own way - more on that later). I saw that light pyramid form above me. The inverted light pyramid below me activated and the two forms moved over me and merged. Spinning in opposite directions as they moved toward each other over me. This time I heard them lock together. I saw them light up as the energy moved and flowed with great speed. I saw in each corner of the interlocking pyramids more geometric shapes form, they lite up, more geometric shapes formed and I heard the sound of rushing energy, clicking. The same being I'd seen decades before was surrounding me with that light. I felt myself rise, within that tetrahedron and move.

Afterwards, I realized that was the Archangel Metatron establishing the merkaba. A merkaba is the shape made from two intersecting tetrahedrons that spin in opposite directions creating a 3-dimensional energy field. It is to provide protection and transport your consciousness to higher dimensions. It combines opposing energies in balance: masculine and feminine, earth and cosmos. It clears your energy - almost by the power of centrifugal force. The activation of light and protection around your body to allow your consciousness to be transported to a higher dimension. Metatron clears us of lower energies and vibrations which no longer serve us clearing and aligning our chakras and open the soul star chakra. Allowing divine wisdom to flow to us.

The merkaba shows us sacred geometry in action. The deep metaphysical meaning behind the shapes have symbolism and history. I am by no means versed in understanding those meanings, only to say that since that activation I have seen or received many symbols through my meditations.

Archangel Metatron teaches us to use our spiritual abilities for good. They say he records our choices in the great archive (Akashic record). Metatron is one of two angels (Sandalphon being the other) who have lived as humans. That experience on Earth it is said, gives him a special ability to relate to humans who want to connect with him. Metatron uses the cube to heal us of unhealthy energies that we want to clear from our lives. As the cube spins it uses force to push away unwanted energy and residue.

He assists us in choosing our thoughts carefully. That resonated with me as I was becoming very aware that what we think creates our reality. At the time of this experience I was diligently working on changing my thoughts to deprogram myself from those thoughts and beliefs that oppose what I really want. Have you ever read anything by Abraham Hicks? or Joe Dispenza? It is the thoughts we have which create our reality. Want to change your life? Change your thoughts!

Our emotions are an indicator of what thoughts we are choosing. It is not the emotions creating the thoughts, it is the other way around. The concept can be used for deep psychological changes. If you grew up hearing messages that disempower you, make you feel less than worthy, then connecting with Metatron is a wonderful way to change those thoughts. I know in my early years the messages I incorporated about myself and how the world works was convoluted. The problem for me was it was so active and present in my life that it became normalized for me. There were some crazy messages I absorbed but I couldn't identify them because it was such an everyday occurrence that I couldn't see - even from a distance - how crazy it was. How could one identify what was wrong when you have no idea what's wrong? You just see the evidence manifesting in your life that something isn't aligning properly. Archangel Metatron can help.

How to Start a Connection with Archangel Metatron.

Archangel Metatron is especially helpful when you are seeking a deeper spiritual purpose. He assists us in aligning our chakras and connecting our soul star chakra to allow divine guidance. Healing modalities like The Melchizedek Method use Metatron’s healing techniques, and these can shift your life in ways that allow for freedom, confidence, and a deeper understanding of who you are within this Divine universe. Start with a meditation and thank Archangel Metatron for being present in your life and supporting you on your spiritual journey and ask for him to work with you in clearing, transforming and raising your vibration. There are crystals you can use to help tune you into his vibration. I personally love selenite and my preferred shape is the obelisk and Herkimer diamonds. Many like to use fluorite, peacock ore, Herkimer diamonds and quartz. I also recommend any black stone like black tourmaline, jet, obsidian and shungite for clearing and transmuting negative energies and blocks.

"Thank you Archangel Metatron for being present in my life, clearing away from my body, mind and spirit that which I no longer need, for helping me adjust to the shifting energies. Thank you for supporting me in living my life in truth."

Physical Sensations When You Activate Your Connection with Archangel Metatron.

You may feel tingling in the crown as he activates the soul star chakras. You may experience lightheadedness, sometime ringing in the ears, and tingling in the extremities as he shifts your energy upward. You may see geometric patterns, a brilliant white light or even the number 11:11. When you have asked for his help, support and guidance know that you will receive that. You may have a little nudge here and there (okay, they are usually BIG nudges) to change the direction of your thoughts from those which lead us to spiraling down into anxiety, anger or worry to thoughts of optimism, hope, faith and determination. His energy is HUGE! You may get a blast of motivation and drive. Although It may take a few attempts to get your vibration to rise, allow yourself to tune into this amazing angels energy. Remember this is all a process which unfolds. It's the journey that is important, not winning the race. Whether you are instantly aware of his presence or not, he is there when you ask. Behave as if he is already here and give him thanks and appreciation.


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