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How I Connected With Archangel Chamuel And Everything Changed

I noticed I was attracted to the color pink in ways unusual for me. Home from the supermarket one day I realized so many of the labels on the items I bought were pink. I was buying pink bath towels, pink nail polish, pink dish soap, I just gravitated to the color pink. In my meditations I would see a wash of pink light surround me. I was seeing geometric symbols glowing in pink and white light.

I Asked All The Angels To Help Me Make My Life Richer

Everything was okay but... I wanted more. My life was going along well. Work was plentiful, friendships were nice, home was peaceful. I was feeling as though there could be more. Not more things, or people but a way to make my relationships better with everyone. I was craving deeper connections. I wanted to grow more. My personal relationships were good and yet I had no real idea as to how to make them better. The readings I offered were wonderful, a never-ending source of satisfaction but there too I thought they could be even better. I had gone to group healings in the month before, listened to cord cutting meditations as I felt I needed to let go of something.

Because everything was good, and I couldn't point at any one thing that was a problem, I did nothing but ask the Angels to help me make my life richer, more satisfying. I called out to not one particular Angel, I just put it out there, asking in general to make my life richer and let it go. Everyday I asked the Angels to help me find this deepened feeling of satisfaction. I really wanted to offer my loved ones, friends and clients more, to really help them connect with their source. I didn't connect the dots yet.

Guidance Came

In a session with a client who was struggling with an unhappy relationship but was fearful that she couldn't afford to start a new life on her own. She had a nice little business but it certainly wasn't enough to sustain her independently. She wondered if she should focus on healing the relationship, look for a new person or throw all her energy into making enough money to leave. I asked her Guides, what should she focus on attracting: love or business? The answer was unequivocally, love! The Archangel Chamuel was represented through the cards. We dove deeper. Should she manifest a new love in her life? Should she repair this seemingly unhealthy relationship? No. Just connect with Archangel Chamuel.

I started gathering together all the information and meditations for Archangel Chamuel that I could. I wanted to help her understand this guidance better. I looked through books, websites - they all had some solid information. I did not find any satisfying meditations for Chamuel, but I did find a few additional guidelines for prayers to him. I found one piece on all the usual information but they included a few suggestions for praying to him. It happened that I was reading the text just as I was getting ready to sleep. I felt the intention of the words that I read, and drifted to sleep thinking of the Archangel Chamuel.

Healing With Archangel Chamuel Begins

I connected the dots when in my dream that night (was it really a dream?) I was accompanied by an angel to view past relationships which left me hurt and wounded. I expressed confusion as to why I was having to see this, because every time a new relationship was replayed I winced at the thought and tried to pull away. I felt the angel with me smiling and offering me comfort. And each time I watched I felt easier about it. The relationships replayed as I watched from a distance, revealing the pain once again, only it didn't hurt. I understood it, I felt it but without the hard pain because I was just watching, not experiencing it. We went back to another relationship, replayed that one, and in the same distant way I relived it. Several relationships later, when it was done, I was actually asking for more!

The next morning before I even opened my eyes, I was so happy! My heart was singing, and I realized this was the Archangel Chamuel who worked with me. The prayers I read helped me tune into see him, and allowed me to be guided by him. I realized then that all the pink light in meditation and all the pink things I had been buying were all indicators that Archangel Chamuel and the pink ray were here with me. I went to sleep that night reading the prayers again and asked if we could visit my childhood this time! I wanted more of that delicious lightness of being! While I didn't recall visiting the past that night, I did feel the company of of Archangel Chamuel. And continue to feel his presence.

What I learned from Archangel Chamuel

Deeper Connections To My Source/The Divine Within Me

I had been asking for deeper connections and healing of past energetic situations that no longer served me. I was ready for more. I already had established a regular habit of meditation, I was tuned into listening for their messages. When my attraction to all things pink still didn't make it clear to me, (the Archangels work with different light rays, Archangel Chamuel on the pink light ray). I received another opportunity to understand the signs when my client needed help. In the search of practical information to connect with Chamuel, I uncovered what would help me clearly tune into the work he was doing with me. It really was quite simple.

In asking for better connections with those around me, I was really asking for a greater connection to God/Source. Connecting with unconditional love for oneself and for others.

Chamuel Helps Us Move From Ego Into Our Heart

\We are often seeking happiness from outside ourselves - work, relationships, things. He helps us discover that the happiness we seek is within. Chamuel is "he who seeks God" who also helps us see the divine inside of ourselves. He helps us recognize our life as a reflection of how we see ourselves. If you feel good inside, you will see that reflected in your life - feeling good. Everything external is connected to you. If you look beyond yourself for happiness you will loose your sense of direction.

Healing Old Wounds Helps Us Love More

I needed to see that the hurt wasn't so hurtful anymore. I had grown. I had healed. The fear of being hurt had me create a protective shield around my heart. In order to love more deeply and freely, my heart needed to be free of that. Viewing the past from my new position in life helped me let it go. I was able to forgive myself for being who I am, able to let go of hurt. When I was able to review those relationships that hurt me I actually felt a letting go of angst I associated with those people. It freed me to actually send love to them. And my relationships feel so much richer and loving. The people haven't changed. I changed the way I feel inside, and now I see it reflected outside. As I feel better, I am different and the relationships offer me more love.

Everything Changed

We Never Need To Feel Alone When We Connect With The Angels

Since that dream I had where Chamuel accompanied me through past relationships, I have felt the presence of the Angels so much more profoundly. I am not sure if that healing helped me tune into their energy better or helped me clear the cobwebs, I feel them arrive when I thank them for their assistance. I have since been happy to actually see Archangel Chamuel. In my angel connections, I typically see a presence of light, shape and geometric symbols, but this time I was actually able to see him as he presents to us as a human. When we connect with the angels, you feel different, you behave differently, the world reacts to you differently. Feeling their presence, I don't feel I'm doing this life, this work, by myself. Life is full of ups and downs, knowing you can count on the full knowing that they are with you, supporting you, makes all the difference for eradicating fear. And we know there are two basic streams of energy, fear and love. Choose love, the angels support you.

Here is the text I read the night I went to sleep and was accompanied by Archangel Chamuel in my sleep to heal past relationships.

_Invoking Archangel Chamuel_
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Archangel Chamuel Works To Help Us With All Sorts Of Things

Finding Purpose.

Chamuel helps us restore or find a sense of purpose. He helps us serve and support others, remember our divine origins, focus on love and and allowing God/Source to direct us.

Soul Mates.

Chamuel helps us find our soul mate, finding a love with someone to share life with.

Bring Harmony to relationships.

He can help you bring harmony into your relationships, just by asking him to send love and balance to the situation.

Finding Lost Objects.

Chamuel helps to recover lost items as well.


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