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Learning To Read Tarot - Tuning In To Your Intuition, Trusting the Voice Within

Yes, You are Intuitive

Everyone has intuition and a natural connection to the divine. Everyone. No one is special or more deserving of receiving messages from spirit. Some people may have developed their abilities to different degrees, but that doesn't mean anyone is prevented from developing them. It is your choice how you define that connection and how you develop it. Tarot card reading is one amazing way to reconnect, awaken or develop your natural born connection to the divine and to communicate with the divine universal energy of love to get answers to everyday real-life questions.

Facilitating the development of Intuition Reading Oracle or Tarot Cards

The development of your intuitive, psychic abilities through tarot or oracle card reading will also enable you to connect with those magical beings -- your spirit guides, guardian angels, ancestors, gods or goddesses, -- and seek out their counsel and guidance. That can be facilitated by the deck you are using. An oracle deck of Gods and Goddess of ancient Greece will help you connect with those energies. An ancestor deck -- will help you connect with ancestors. Those energies you are tapping into are just the entry way. As your abilities develop, and your focus shifts, so will the energies you connect with.

The Universe speaks to us in many ways. Some people have told me that to read a card, you just look at it and go. Others have said it's a definitive meaning that the cards hold that you read. The truth is it is a mix of both your intuition, the card meaning and -- your personal knowledge. You may layout a spread and see one card as you turn it and feel one thing, but as the remaining cards turn over you may feel something very different for that card. That is you receiving from the Universe. The first impression may have been your knowledge of the card, the feeling the image stimulates. As the remaining cards were placed, the fuller picture of the significance was communicated to you through the universe.

The Modes of Intuition

Be open to the different means of communication. We tend to think of the "sixth sense" as our intuition. That sixth sense actually comprises several means of feeling.

  • Clairaudience: Hearing a sound, work or phrase in your mind.

  • Clairsentience: Feeling or just knowing with your body.

  • Clairvoyance: Seeing an image or scene in your mind.

  • Clairgustance: Tasting the energy or substance in your mouth.

  • Clairolafaction: Smelling the energy of substance in your nose.

Knowing your method of intuition or knowing your clair isn't that hard to discover. If you aren't already aware of any particular way you've received, then think about this:

  • Clairaudient: When you are on a walk, are you aware of the sounds around you? Would you prefer to listen to a book rather thank read it?

  • Clairsentient: Do you feel other peoples moods? Do you find that the energy of your surroundings—the busyness, noise, clutter, and so on—affects your mood? When you meet someone for the first time, do you know immediately if you’re going to get along?

  • Clairvoyance: Are you a visual learner -- show me rather than tell me? Are you powerfully inspired by imagery?

  • Claiurgustance: Do you use the phrase "it left a bad taste in my mouth" a lot? Are you adventurous when it comes to trying new and unusual foods? Are you able to identify a change in a recipe - even a slight change in ingredients?

  • Clairolafaction: Are you especially affected by other peoples colognes and perfumes? Does the smell of a food deeply influence whether you like or dislike a food?

You may have heightened awareness in anyone or several of these clairs. Start paying attention to these during the course of your day. The ones that are most active for you will most likely be how you receive your communication from the divine.

Tuning in to the Signs and Messages

You are receiving through the clairs, and receiving signs through the meanings of the cards. You are also receiving through the environment. One particularly difficult morning at home left me ruminating over and over about how angry I was and how awful I was treated. As I approached an intersection, I noticed the red light and the left pointing to a turn sign which had a beautiful rainbow on it. It stopped me in my tracks, and immediately I saw it as a sign to stop complaining to myself and making myself more angry -- stop creating more negative energy and raise your vibration by thinking of what makes you feel good!

Trusting the Voice Within

Intuition takes place on the right side of your brain as does "imaging" so when you receive something intuitively it may feel like your imagination. That voice of powerful intuition is the very same voice you hear that tells you not to have that 3rd cupcake. It may seem like your logical mind, but that's how the universe communicates. The voice. Start trusting what you hear. It is different from the voice of ego. When you ego is talking it has a feeling of desperation, or anger, or lack in some way underlying. That voice of intuition may feel clear, detached from emotion. I wrote "detached" and I meant detached, not devoid. There is a stark difference here.

My client asked during a session what her spirit guides name was. I asked if the name Kimmi meant anything to her. She smiled and said yes. She had asked her guides name during a meditation and heard the name Kimmi. She wasn't sure she really heard it so she wasn't satisfied by the answer. Then she noticed the name Kimmi was coming up seemingly all over the place: during office meetings, on tv, in books, the newspaper and still didn't understand. So when she asked during our session, they confirmed it was what she heard, and Kimmi indeed is her guides name.

Don't invalidate or analyze an image your receive. Just trust it. Eventually, as you exercise your clairs and work with messages and incorporate the intuitions; these muscles will grow stronger. You will be able to differentiate between imagination and intuition. Trust what you see, feel and hear.

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