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Major Arcana - 4 The Emperor: Order, Discipline, Solidity

The 4th card in the Major Arcana is the Emperor. If the Empress is all that feminine, giving birth to ideas and nurturing the next card, the Emperor embodies all that is masculine. Strong, stable, orderly and disciplined. The military leader, the head of the firm, the father figure. With leadership abilities based on attention to details organization and experience he can make tough decisions when needed. Whatever ideas were created are now ready to take shape, with a solid foundation and a plan.

He encourages you to assess the facts, apply logic and make choices based on what you know, not emotions. Focus on the end game and assert yourself confidently - display your leadership abilities. He also encourages us to step up to the plate in our own lives, to ask for what we want and need, to do battle, if and when we need to, to find enough discipline within ourselves to make things happen.

In a Spread

When I see this card in a tarot spread, depending on the surrounding cards, it can often show where we need to shore up our discipline. In relationship spreads it can indicate one being controlling. There may be other cards indicating why they are controlling. If cards of doubt or fear are near, it could be based on insecurity. In a career spread it could indicate a path in the military or law enforcement. As well, depending on the surrounding cards it could indicate a career in a strong leadership position as a CEO or policy maker.

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