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Quick, Fun Things To Help Expand Your Psychic Abilities

When we tap into the psychic parts of our brain or when we are asking to receive from Spirit, Angels, Guides or Higher Intelligence, they use different aspects of our senses. We communicate to each other with our 5 senses. The psychic is a mirror to our physical senses. When we communicate with Spirit we use the 5 senses of our SIXTH sense. Our sixth sense is comprised of Clairvoyance (being able to see within our minds eye), Clairaudience (hearing within our minds), Clairsentience (being able to feel with our bodies), Claircognizance (the clear sense of knowing), Clairgustance (being able to taste), Clairolafactance (being able to smell).

Spirit will use any or all of these extra senses to communicate with you. We wish they would be able to so clearly download the names, dates, and facts you can just automatically understand. It's more subtle than that. You may hear the words clearly in your mind. You may see a picture in your mind, or you may get a whiff of a smell, a feeling in your body that reminds you of an experience you had. You would use those indicators and describe what you are experiencing. you can piece it together. Many of us have already observed some of these from spirit. It is through these extra sensory perceptions which Spirit can communicate to us.

Practice some of these to help open your abilities up to receiving through these extra senses.

  1. Work on the strongest sense that you have. If you tend to see things, then practice stretching the visualization. See a simple shape in your minds eye. See it transform into a more complex shape. Add a color, change the color. Change the shape, see it become 3D. Start simple and increase the complexity. This will help you strengthen what you already have. And that not only improves that ability but gives you confidence to build the rest.

  2. Develop a new ability into focus. Try imagining the sounds of different things. Hear a train go by. Add a whistle. Add the sound of the warning bells. Hear the people at the station talking. Or hear the ocean lapping on to the shore. Add the din of people on the shore, a baby laughing, water splashing, a conversation between lovers. Thoughts of people passing by.

Stretch the other senses.

The other day I was helping my sister in her store placing glass in a frame. The glass had to go in facing a certain direction which was marked. I went to read the writing and could not tell if I was reading it correctly, I saw the letters and made out the words but couldn't tell if I was reading it or just knew. I had to put it down, put on glasses and really look. I was actually reading the words backwards through the glass. Intrigued, I looked at papers upside down and discovered I could easily read from this perspective. It was so easy for me to read upside down and write upside down. I played with this a little more by writing a full sentence upside down and I discovered I could not write in cursive upside down but I could clearly print!

Crossover sensations.

Remember as a kid, they challenge of rubbing your head and patting your tummy simultaneously? Try it again. Easy? I front of you - try circling your left hand towards you. Then simultaneously circle your right hand away from you. It's a challenge that gets your brain functioning in a different way. Imagine the color of the wind on a wintery day. What does the color green taste like? The color indigo? What shape does the flavor of hot spices look like? What sounds do seasonings produce when you add them to food? Go even further - what does desire taste like? What does love smell like?

  1. Read upside down.

  2. Read backwards in a mirror.

  3. Write upside down.

  4. Write backwards.

  5. Draw with the opposite hand.

Mirror gazing or candle gazing.

I used to do this as a teenager when I read my first witchy book on seeing beyond the physical. Gaze into the flame of a candle or at your reflection in a mirror. I discovered when I did this after a while the perception shifted. I was able to see my chakra colors, reflections of my spirit-self, and on occasion the energy of others as they walked into the room while I did this. Try it from different distances, with glasses, or without glasses or even both.

When I first started seeing auras around people, I tried to focus in directly on the colors or shape I was seeing. The more I tried to look directly at it, the faster it disappeared. I noticed my vision was not quite focused almost as if I was tired and if I just let it go, stopped trying to focus, the colors appeared. A little like those 3D dot color images the newspapers used to print on Sunday. When you brought the paper to the tip of your nose and continued to stare, allowing it to go out of focus and then slowly moved the paper away, a different image appeared in the picture. Same principle.

Nature gazing

Remember laying on your back in the grass looking up at the clouds and seeing what shapes the clouds formed? Do it again! Look at a tree, what do you see within the tree? We've all seen those cool photos of when nature looks something like a human. Look at what is around you from this new perspective. It will help you develop your abilities.


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