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Steps for Spiritual Protection

The purpose of spiritual protection is to establish your connection with the divine energies of God, Angels and Masters. When we connect with them we are protected from darker energies/entities/people situations and emotions. No darker spiritual energies will connect with you unless invited. We invite them with fear. When we are connected with Divine energies - love - we are protected. We tend to think of spiritual protection as throwing up a shield to prevent lower vibrating energies from attaching to us. Why seal yourself in protective armor if you're not clear in the first place? Just building a shield without clearing first still attracts more of the same lower vibrations. We want to get rid of what is on you first, then your space, then protect. Not clearing the energies first just allows the negative that is, now locked in, to fester.

1. Clear yourself

The goal is to disconnect or cut cords to situations, people, challenging conversations or places. These are not yours to carry. I like to visualize a Violet Flame rising up from the Earth and call in Archangel Michael. I thank Archangel Michael and angels of protection for dissolving the energetic connections and cords to people, places, situations, energies and any other thoughts I no longer need.

If you are not familiar with the Violet Flame, here is a link to one of my favorite Violet Flame meditations by Stephanie Kojik on Youtube. If you follow this meditation a couple of times you will know how to invoke the Violet Flame anytime.

2. Clearing the Space Around You

Once you've cut the cords or dissolved the attachments, then you want to call in Angels to clear the debris around you. I really like Archangel Metatron for this as he is dedicated to removing and transforming and shifting any lower frequencies using his sacred geometry.

Dear Archangel Metatron thank you for clearing the energetic space that surrounds me. Thank you for removing all lower vibrations, blocks, and stagnant energies that are standing in the way of my love and expansion and transmuting the energies around me.

I have even visualized my Soul Star Chakra growing and glowing in size until its filling the room and see it slowly move down over my body from head to toe and back up again. As it moves it almost burns away any residual lower vibrations.

3. Raise the Good Vibrations

This is where you want to make a declaration of peace, love and protection. Focus on a positive aspect of your situation, of your present state. You want to raise that amazing feeling of being blessed, and then declaring this is what you want. Affirm, loudly and firmly, who you are and what you want. I like to say: God is Love. God dwells in my heart. I am love. Where ever love is, God is. For me, that feels like the ultimate protection. I have also said: The love of God is within my heart. Where there is love, there is no fear.

4. Seal the Deal

I always imagine a beam of white light coming from the furthest most point in the heavens streaming right into my crown and moving through my body as I breathe. Visualizing that light radiating from my body from head to toe, extending to fill the room to the side of me, above me and below me. I call on God, my Guides and Angels and thank them for enveloping me in their light and protecting me. Sometimes, at this point I actually see the color of the light change. You can also choose any color that resonates with you.

A lovely brief meditation for protection can teach you this technique by Nicky Sutton on Youtube.

It may seem like a lot at first glance. It's not really that hard. Just get the hang of the visualization of each step and you'll be able to do this in the middle of the day on a quick walk or as you slip into the bathroom for a minute! Make this part of your everyday practice and you'll see a wonderful shift in high vibrations all around you!


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