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Talking to Angels is Talking to God.

In no way shape or form am I religious. I did attend Church as a young child but that stopped by the time I was 7 years old. I was introduced to all sorts of spiritual beliefs, Christian, Judaism, Muslimism, New Age, Wicca, Santeria, Spiritualist, Buddhism... all of which I have a deep respect for. My beliefs were shaped by all, the language that resonated with me was along the lines of New Ageism: Source in exchange for the work God, Meditation in exchange for the word Prayer. I had a knee jerk reaction to traditional verbiage and that may be why I was able to relate to New Ageism. The language seemed more open, less pedantic, more forgiving, embracing of love and learning. When I speak of God, I talk of Source, the Universe, Energy.

Angels are a common denominator in most religions. They seemed out of my reach, working in a way that I felt I was undeserving of their support, it was just foreign to me. I used Angel Tarot because their energy and interpretations are lighter, more supportive, gentler. I worked with them even though I didn't have a personal connection with them. As I worked with them and meditated, I started to feel them in a real way.

I've come to understand that Angels are aspects of God. Angels are not separate from God. If God was a heart, each heartbeat is an Angel. Even though they can appear to us as a separate entity from God, they are never separate. And neither are we. Even though we are here in our physical world having these physical experiences we are still connected to and a part of God. We, each being an aspect of God, are all connected to each other as well.

There are millions of Angels, with unique and varied expressions of personality. Each imbued with unique and special abilities and responsibilities. Hey, just like us! They may appear to us as in with physical identity or have characteristics of human personality, so we connect with them more personal way. When we ask the Angels for help, we are asking God. It's as if we created Angels as a way of making the connection with God easier for us to grasp. When we pray to Angels, we are praying to God. When we ask to be open to receiving their messages, we are asking to be open to the Source of the Universe.

Angels are not separate from God. If God was a heart, each heartbeat is an Angel. Even though they can appear to us as a separate entity from God, they are never separate. And neither are we.

Angels are Divine Beings just as we are. They may have perfected a few things like letting go of ego, understand unconditional love, and be in full connection with the heart of the Universe. We can get there, we may have a bit of a journey ahead but, we can get there and they are present to help us get there. To help us tap into the stream of well-being that never ends. They are charged with the task of helping and supporting us - on our journey of spiritual and emotional growth and connection to ourselves. The purpose of our quest for growth and connection isn't to rise above all that is here in the physical, it's to help us fully embrace and embody all that is above as we are living fully here in these bodies of ours. To be fully present and aware of here and now, to live full and happy lives. And all we have to do is ask and get ourselves into the place of receiving their help. We do that through mediation. Here is a link to a great meditation to help you connect with Angels by Natasha Tome. This is long, I fell asleep to it the first 100 times I listened to it. Eventually, I just plugged in as I was going to sleep. It works even while you sleep.

When you ask for their help, when you think of what you want, when you sit down and pray, when you lie awake at night wishing, you are talking to God.

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