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The Clairs - How Intuition and Psychic Abilities Work

Updated: May 1

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identifying psychic abilties - the clairs

The clairs - how intuition, extra sensory perception and psychic abilities work

For every sense we have in the physical there is a corresponding sense in the spiritual.  Psychics, intuitives and mediums may access one or all of these clairs. Psychic abilities work through the individual clairs. Most of us have one or more of these sixth senses active already. We often chalk up these experiences to our imagination, which makes sense because it is the imagination part of our brain that we access when receiving the guidance. Identifying your active clair can be an indication of how you are likely to receive guidance and what to focus on to build your intuition. 


Corresponding with seeing with your physical eyes, clairvoyance is the ability to detect psychic information through vision. It is perceived as if a projector screen is in front of you playing a snippet of a movie of the past or future. You can also see a quick snapshot in your mind's eye. It can be received while fully awake or during a meditation.

When you see clairvoyantly; it can be either externally or internally. Sometimes what you’re seeing may appear as though it’s in front of you,  as if it’s in real life.  Other times, you see in your mind (which makes it easier to pass off as your imagination)

Identifying markers of clairvoyance:

  1. When you're doing creative work, or deciding how you want something to look, you get a clear image of it.

  2. Dreams may be vivid, active or sometimes a deceased loved one appears.

  3. You may see solutions to problems in your mind's eye.

  4. You may see lights or colors around people.

  5. You see movement or things in the corner of your eye.


Corresponding with feeling, clairsentience is the ability to detect psychic information through the body or emotions. There are two categories of clairsentience. First, the ability to receive emotional information by understanding the full range of emotions another is experiencing. Second, the ability to feel through their own body, what another is experiencing.

Empathy is a normal human cognitive response. The ability to feel the emotions of other people is very common among all people. However, clairsentience can be deeper and more profound. It may mean one is able to feel emotions in advance, or able to feel the emotions of others when they’re nowhere near each other.

It can be described as an intuition - most often we hear people remark about a “gut feeling” they had. You may experience clairsentience externally by feeling goosebumps, a cold chill or heat. You might even feel the texture of a material that is not present, a touch by someone not present. 

Identifying markers for being clairsentient:

  1. Tingling sensations on your body for no reason (other than a physical issue).

  2. Feel your own emotions very deeply. 

  3. Often feeling overwhelmed by a myriad of feelings that may all blend together.

  4. Overwhelmed by social interactions and need more time alone to recharge.

  5. Feel the emotions of others and not realize it’s what someone else is feeling.

  6. Identify deeply with other peoples’ problems and difficulties.

  7. Overwhelmed that there are so many people on Earth who are suffering, and wish you could do something about it.

  8. Can detect the atmosphere in a room, ie; feel tension in the air when there’s been a tense discussion. 


Corresponding to hearing with your ears, clairaudience can mean that you are hearing people talking, non-threateningly. Barring any other reasons, it may be heard loud and clear, sometimes like distant chatter when there is no one nearby. You might be aware that is occurring in your head (like a thought) but it’s clearly not your own voice. You may hear a word or a sentence as a whisper or as if someone next to you is conversing and you overhear it. Just be aware, these are not voices which would be telling you to do something against your beliefs or better judgment.  Identifying markers of clairaudience:

  1. You’ve heard a non-threatening voice inside your head but it is not your own voice or as though they are nearby. More often than not it is offering support, or answers to questions.

  2. You’ve had intermittent ringing or buzzing sounds in your ears (not caused by a physical event).

  3. Sometimes you hear music playing that’s not playing nearby.

  4. Your ears get hot for no apparent reason.

  5.  You’ve noticed words in a song playing that seemed to be perfectly timed for what you were thinking about. 


Corresponding to thought intelligence, claircognizance is when information just pops into your head. It could be a simple answer or even intricately detailed information. Even people who aren’t spiritual can usually accept the fact that sometimes you just know, and you don’t have any outside proof or evidence.  And you don’t need proof because you’re so sure. Much like the clairsentience, you just know and don’t know how you know. Some call it “getting downloads” and other times it may be called “receiving blocks of thought”. 

Identifying markers of claircognizance

  1. You get lots of great ideas seemingly out of nowhere.

  2. You may come across as a know-it-all because you always think of an answer to questions that actually make sense.

  3. You are mentally and creatively inspired on a regular basis.

  4. You are good at solving problems.

  5. You make subtle assumptions which turn out to be true.


Corresponding with the ability to taste, clairgustance is most often found in mediumship psychic readings. When one can actually experience the taste of what they see or is being described to them during a reading. 


Corresponding to smell, clairalience is very similar to clairgustance in that one can smell what is not present. Many have experienced smelling a whiff of a deceased loved one's cologne, the brand of tobacco they smoked. It is often activated during a mediumship or psychic reading. A whiff of perfume, the smell of cigars, pipes or tobacco, the aromas heighten the messaging received. It lingers just long enough for you to notice. Angels can leave a floral scent when they visit.

Clairtangency or Psychometry

Corresponding to touch clairtangency or psychometry is the ability to detect psychic information through your hands by touching or holding an object.  Have you ever held an antique and felt like it had a long story? You might have been experiencing clairtangency. There is an entire method of reading devoted to psychometry. The psychic holds an object and tells you how many hands it’s passed through, when and where it was made, and often details of one of the owners. They can pick up on the energy stored within an item using their hands.

Identify your clair

Read through the descriptions of the ways we feel with our psychic senses, find what resonates with you. Try this, sit in a comfortable place where you are free of distractions. Look around the area, taking in all details and feelings or sensations of where you are. Do a brief meditation, either listen to one or just close your eyes, focus on your breathing. Breathe deeply and slowly, releasing any tension throughout your body. Inhale, and exhale away all tension.  When you are feeling more relaxed, review what caught your attention about the space before you closed your eyes. Was there something visual that stood out? Sounds that you heard, the feeling of something registering in your body, an emotion you felt, a taste or smell that suddenly appeared or a strong thought about something that occurred to you?

It may have been more than just one clair that stands out to you as you recall the space. That’s normal. As you develop your 6th senses, they will shift and flow and grow along with you. 

Stay tuned for more on how to build on and work with your clairs!

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