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The Major Arcana - 2 The High Priestess

The Dreamer took the leap of blind faith into the unknown, the Magician showed us the resources available both within us and outside of ourselves and taught us how to follow inspiration. The High Priestess of the Major Arcana typically shows us the duality of nature. The good and the bad, the dark and the light, the masculine and the feminine. All valuable, all offer very useful information and perspective. She is the connection between the two.

The High Priestess shows us that we have a good connection to our higher-self awareness or our guides and Angels. Rely on your intuition rather than prioritizing your intellect or conscious mind at this time. When she shows up in a spread she lets us know that it is time to tap into your intuition or embark on a spiritual journey. Patience is called for at this time. There is no need to rush headlong into anything. Slowly, listening, feeling, patiently moving ahead.

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The High Priestess in a love spread

This can signal nearly imperceptible changes in the emotional state. Appearing in a love spread the High Priestess indicates a strong need to be honest with yourself and your partner in order to make this relationship as strong as it can be. She also reminds us to connect with that inner joy before passing a judgment or moving in a different direction. Our perspective needs to change first.

The High Priestess in career spread

She may be signaling a period of higher learning or education or mentors. If you are in a creative field it could suggest new waves of inspiration coming for you. If you're making choices, rely on what your gut tells you. A mentor or a guide who can help you may be on the horizon.

The High Priestess in a money spread

If you are making investments it is wise to do your research and listen to your instincts. Not either one by themselves, but in combination. I'd say more often than not her message is not about moving forward but waiting.

The High Priestess in health and spirituality

Take a pause from mental and physical activities. Pay more attention to your body and spiritual self. Rest and let your inner body and mind tell you what they need. If you think something needs attention then by all means seek help.

Archangel Haniel

Often Archangel Haniel is seen as the Angel of Joy. She is an intuitive guide, pointing you in the direction of a joyful path by finding that joy already existing within. When we get caught up in material goals and life dramas, we forget the internal joy. Haniel encourages us to stop searching for fulfillment outside of ourselves bringing our focus within, to explore trust, and develop confidence as she helps us balance our emotions.

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