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The Major Arcana - 1 The Magician

In the Major Arcana 1-Magician represents the knowing that you are imbued with the skills, abilities and resources to confidently move ahead. The Magician uses all the earthly elements combined with divine powers or inspiration and intuition. Following the Major Arcana - 0 Dreamer, where you've dared to take the plunge into the unseen and unknown, now you have the vision. You see what you want and recognize that you have all you need to start on your way. You have the determination and the willpower to go along with the divine spark and skills.

At this point in your journey you have opened the conduit to convert spiritual energy into the real world. Dreaming is done, the getting on with it begins.You have the power to manifest what you want in your life.

The Magician in love spreads

Could very well indicate relationships moving to a deeper more meaningful level. If you're single it can be a wonderful time to meet someone new - it may be telling you to line up your intentions of what you'd like to attract to yourself in a love relationship. Focus on what you're looking for and get to it!

The Magician in career or money spreads

New opportunities may be opening up for you to do your thing. It's a good time for promotions or starting a new venture. A great card for entrepreneurs! Keep your secrets to yourself though, remember a magician never reveals his magic!

The Magician in health and spiritual matters

When the Magician appears in a spread about health or spiritual wellness, it's an indicator that this is a wonderful opportunity to get yourself moving in a positive direction. The Magician calls for you to be resourceful, take action on those inspired thoughts and look for ways to improve. Don't sit around waiting for something to happen. Take advantage of all help available to combine with your own inner wisdom and take action.

Archangel Raziel and The Magician Tarot Card

Archangel Raziel is the Angel of secrets, mysteries and magic. He delivers spiritual insights or creative ideas to us. He helps us see outside of our physical senses and reveals the universe's mysteries to us. He can help us heal spiritual and psychic blocks if we just ask and look within. Most commonly, he helps us discover our own talents and spiritual gifts and help us understand how to effectively use them.

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