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What I learned from a 15 minute reading that never came true.

Five years ago I was offering readings at a local Fair and exchanged services with another reader. At that time there was a lot of turmoil in my personal life at home. Everyone in my family was affected by it especially my relationship. My question: would the cause of the drama and intense unhappiness in my life leave? She pulled card after card and concluded "no, it would not leave but continue". She offered lots of helpful tips which I had already tried with no success. Her prediction: The cause of the drama would not leave. Within 5 years my current relationship would end and I'd move on with someone new. Yikes! I felt deflated and disheartened, I wanted so much for her to tell me it would end. I really didn't relsih the idea of uprooting and starting over.

Here I am 5 years later and guess what? The cause of the problem is gone, I'm still in the same relationship.

Was the psychic wrong? No. She saw the likely outcome at that moment if I continued in the same manner and direction in which I was already operating. I changed the outcome without realizing I was changing it.

At that time, I was sure that I didn't want to run away from something I didn't like, as therein lies the possiblity of getting into the same situation with different participants. (That is how we develop cords, and karmic situations.) I wanted to run towards something I did like. But I couldn't see past my current situation and all the churning emotions to do that. I felt locked in place, in an endless cycle.

I pulled cards for myself (seemed like it was everyday) and one day I must have asked the questions differently because the message I got was "heal". I figured if this prediction was going to unfold, I wanted to get into a better place emotionally so I didn't fall into the same situtation with different players.

One thing I did know was that feelings are indicators of what we are thinking. If we change what we think, we change what we feel and then our life changes. I decided to become aware of how I reacted emotionally to my environment. Being mindful of how I felt at any given moment allowed me to address the patterns of thought behind my feelings.

If I felt angry, I looked at what was making me angry. Not just the actions on the part of the person, or the situation. I was looking for why I was angry at that on a deeper level. Initally I just tried to look at the event differently, asking myself "What can I see here differently?", "How can I see him differently?" What started to unfold was why I was expecting that person to behave differently. Seemingly unrelated things came up as I moved into this process. It took me into my past where I was able to address disappointments, wounds, personal failures and allowed me to embrace acceptance, forgiveness and grace. I was able to reclaim the good parts of myself and feel whole.

What a psychic sees is the likely outcome if we keep doing what we are currently doing. Change yourself. As you heal, you help others heal. You can change your world.

I made the effort to heal myself and because of that, my interactions and exchanges with those in my life shifted. The people I am in relationships with experienced a healing too. The way we relate changed, situations changed. As I evolved, so did they. Here I am five years after the reader gave me her prediction, and nothing came true. It didn't come true because she was wrong, it didn't come true because I changed the outcome. The turmoil is gone, relationships are healing and each of us in our own way are continuing to grow from the experience.

What a psychic sees is the likely outcome if we keep doing what we are currently doing. Change yourself. As you heal, you help others heal. You can change your world by healing yourself.

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