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You Saw a Sign from Your Guides?

Maybe you kept seeing repetitive numbers or feathers on your car, a particular bird by your window, and you're thinking could this be a sign from my Angels and Guides? Congratulations, yes! You're receiving confirmation from them that you are dialed into them, now just fine tune that connection. Trust that they are hearing you and you are seeing their signals. When you're asking and then see one of those signs know - they are there. Try then to be mindful of how you feel at that moment. You may feel a presence (like when someone walks up behind you but you can't see them), or feel tingly on a certain spot, or even feel heat or cold. Eventually, you will associate a sensation with the individual energy.

They will decide who should come through. You don't necessarily need to know their names. You will get a feeling perhaps of joy or familiarity like you're seeing your best friend for the first time in years. They may tap you on the shoulder. Be patient, don't demand how to receive communication. Be open to how they want to reach you. They know better.

How to Fine Tune Your Connection to Your Guides With Meditation

Sit comfortably, close your eyes, become aware of your breath. Inhale through your nose into your heart space. Imagine a beam of brilliant white light streaming from a point in so far into heaven you can't see where it starts. See that beam of light move down toward your head, and right into your crown. See it filling you up, overflowing and moving through your body as you breath. Exhale through your mouth. Inhale love, exhale and release fear and stagnant energies. Inhale new energy and insights into the heart. Exhale old limitations of thinking and old patterns. That light beaming into your crown, now expands.

Build that beautiful sense of your heart expanding, bigger and stronger, glowing brighter and larger extending beyond your room, beyond your home, beyond... Bring yourself into that space and feel your self rising, as if every time you inhale a balloon in your heart and solar plexus is filling with air and lifting you up, up, up. Inhale, exhale... As you go deeper inward you will be mindful of what you feel like as a spiritual being. Compassionate, kind, eternal full of light.. you have lived for eons as a spiritual being. You are not limited to the physical body. Imagine standing in your own brilliant light. See the colors, the luminosity, the brilliance. Feel your spirit self. Feel your connection to the God/Source energy. Send out a thought to your guide, "I ask you to step closer to me, come so close to me that I may be aware of you. Step closer to me than you ever have before so I may know you in my minds eye, so I may be aware of what you feel like emotionally. So I may know your energy."

Let your mind slowly open up. Let your imagination flow. Feel whatever it is. Do you see a color? Feel a personality? Be aware of how the space changes when they step into your field. How does it feel when they connect with you? How does it change the atmosphere all around you? As they connect with you feel the love they have for you. Feel the familiarity of their presence. Feel the connection.

Ask your spirit guide to imprint upon your mind this feeling, this sensation so that you know when you feel this way and see these colors you know you are in your space and connected with you. "Thank you spirit guide for you gentle loving guidance and presence in my life."

I have had spontaneous connections with my guides and also when I have asked to know them. While going into surgery (nothing serious) I was lying on the table waiting and suddenly felt this shift - as though my best friend just popped into the room. I felt comforted and safe. I think I may have actually said "HI!"I knew I wasn't alone for the surgery and I was indeed safe. I was able to connect with that guide over and over again.

I've also asked to see a guide who was working with me on my spiritual path. I did what I outlined above was transported to a desert where I saw a tall thin man carrying a staff with a huge grin on his face. He was instantly familiar although I never saw him before. He lead me into new territory, and now gets me through the rough terrain and to the next stage of spiritual development.

Just be open to the experience. Be mindful of what you're feeling. Ask, and show gratitude. The more you trust what you are experiencing, the visions, the feelings, the sensations, the stronger your connection will grow.


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