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Healing The Wound - And Helping Others To Avoid Suffering - CHIRON, The Wounded Healer

In astrology, Chiron is a comet with an erratic orbit located between Uranus and Saturn. It represents our core wounds (those issues that seem to follow us for a lifetime) Chiron is named after a Greek healer, philosopher and teacher who, ironically, could not heal himself. Symbolized by a key in the chart, demonstrating the importance of unlocking this minor planet's major lessons.

Chiron represents our deepest, most tender inner wounds that are the most difficult for us to heal. These wounds are often created in childhood or wounds we carry from past lives or even develop later in adulthood. It is not easy nor is it something that heals quickly. Should we make the consistent effort and do succeed in healing this, we can reap the greatest rewards from it and go on to help others heal. Where Chiron falls in our astrology birth chart the sign, house and the aspects it forms to other planets in the Chart— highlights the area in which we feel vulnerable, weak or one that evokes feelings of low self-esteem but where we can turn around and find our true power to help others.

Chiron Represents That Thorn In Our Foot That Festers

Have you noticed a persistent issue recurring in your life? One that feels like it has a crippling effect on you? One that seems big and scary and you have no idea how to deal with it? You only know it's huge and keeps you from finding that state of bliss in that area. That could be Chiron. When I first discovered Chiron in my birth chart I was stunned. There staring me in the face were what I felt was the root of my deepest fears and wanted to find out how to heal those awful wounds. It is not as easy as I had hoped to find information on how to deal with the wounds represented by Chiron.

How To Heal The Issues Represented By Chiron

As part of the spiritual protection process I had been working with the Violet Flame and Archangel Michael for clearing up energy, cords or connections to people, places and situations stuck within. That may have actually triggered this understanding of the deep wounds represented by Chiron.

It is the issues we are struggling for a very long time to either face or wrap our heads around. Sometimes there is no understanding of "Why?" it is, just that it exists and we need to face it and begin the process of letting it go. Chiron's wounds could easily represent issues in this current life, which on some level may be easier to heal. Or they can represent long ago wounds from a past life repeated over and over. In either scenario it is up to us to start the process of healing it. Good information on understanding Chiron is plentiful. For healing the wounds represented by Chiron - I like this description of how to work with Chiron once we identify it .

I think perhaps I was looking for a quick fix - do this clearing meditation and it's gone. Or ask the Angels for this and it's done. It is a process, just like the process of developing strong muscles. It takes energy and persistent effort. In learning about Chiron, we can then start to make sense of what we have learned in this area and begin to share that with others. Chiron can push us to heal others with the wisdom we learn from a lifetime of the issues from Chiron. As we discover our own wounds we become healers.

Where Is Chiron In Your Astrology Chart?

Take a look at to see where Chiron is in your chart. You can read more about it on (I think they have a profound take on the subject). Or read more from Take a look at it, sit with it, meditate on it. Rather than giving in to despair and suffering, reach out to others so they can learn from your experience and not experience the depth of pain you have felt. See what Chiron points to in your own experience and learn how you can heal yourself and help others heal as well.


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