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Tarot and the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic

So many are asking about the Coronavirus pandemic. When it will leave? Will I get infected with the virus? Will it hurt business? Most already know that the way I receive and convey information is always in the most constructive and uplifting way possible. They always present us with information/guidance that provide guidelines to engage in order to avoid it. As for timing of events, that isn't what I specialize in. If any insights are given I will be sure to pass them along.

No matter how many ways the question is asked, the answers to questions about the Coronavirus pandemic always point to a few basic directives. These following cards have come up frequently when reading. They are pretty direct and to the point and match up with what's happening.

They show the current circumstances we are facing with Page of Air and 5 of Earth.

Page of Air: Often indicates very challenging situations, receiving news or information that leaves you feeling raw or upset. This make sense with the developing announcements being made each day. It also shows that we have the abilities to meet these challenges. We are intelligent, logical and able to tap into our own wisdom.

Five of Earth: Oh boy, when I see this card turn over, I know the feeling is one of fear, emptiness. The feeling one doesn't have any nourishment to sustain oneself. The panic and fear so many are allowing themselves to succumb to is represented here. There is still hope, still help and sustenance coming to us. Just need to ask

They move into what we need to do for ourselves first and foremost.

4 of Air is always a call to meditation. It means we have been cutting ourselves off from our connection to our source of sustenance, power, love, light, well-being. First thing to do is meditate. There may be a need to distance yourself from your reaction to the overwhelming anxiety which surrounds us. So, create a buffer zone. That's what meditation does, it creates a space to absorb the intensity of nervous emotions, and gives us a chance to see it and understand it before reacting.

If you are already practicing meditation, then keep going. Perhaps be more focused in asking for help by augmenting your meditation by asking different energies to support you. Ask the Angels, ask the Dragons, ask your favorite Saints. If you aren't meditating, then start. Here are a few good places to start just click this link.

Empress: Nurture yourself and other. Take care by looking after each other, comfort and encourage. Eat well, sleep, exercise.

Two of Earth: Laugh, play distract yourself from the stress of the situation. Keep your mind light and fresh so you can see and respond with clarity. Keep your spirits up, encourage those your with to do the same. After all, what we think about is what we get.

Nine of Air: Literally what you think about is what you get. Your thoughts create your emotions and your emotions create your reality. You can easily spiral downward by succumbing to the exaggerated fears, or you can climb upward - by using the same ability to think of what will happen in the positive and lead yourself to creating a happy reality.

The Hermit: This always tells me we are retreating from the public and turning inward. Connecting to our Source, God, Angels, Light (your choice here) Straight up this translates into the practice of social distancing. It's not distance because someone has cooties, even though most will be unscathed by the virus, we need to protect others who may be more vulnerable. It is also a good time to go deeper into our hearts and souls, and see where we can do better.

Seven of Air: When this card appears in a layout, it shows me that we are given time. Wanted or not, this will take time. While in this stage, take the time to fine tune what it is you want. Remove the extraneous information and desires, and really see and feel what you want.

The Sun: When the Sun appears, it is as though you know what your wishing for is coming, so think and behave with happiness and confidence because all will be well.

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