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The 7 Body Chakras: How They Work

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

I hear and read a lot about blocked chakras causing problems for us and if we unblock the chakras, we solve our problem. The chakras actually work in harmony with our physical, emotional and mental state of being. Where one aspect of the physical or emotional is affected, the chakras will register that discord. Hence, the chakra block.

While this information I'm offering here is in no way the definitive answer to how this system works, I do include some widely held beliefs and my own perspective from personal experience.

What are the Chakras?

The entire chakra system contains more than the commonly recognized 7 body chakras. As we evolve spiritually, more chakras outside our bodies become active. These are known as the higher chakras or 5th dimensional chakras. There are also chakras at various points in our bodies we don't normally think of such as our hands, feet, ears etc. Our physical, emotional and spiritual state has an impact on the function of our chakras.

Energy enters the body through the Crown Chakra at the top of the head. It moves through the spine to each point connecting to organs and the endocrine system, all the way down to the root at the base of the spine. With the 5d chakras, they connect with chakras above our bodies and below our bodies. Right now focusing on the body chakras - At the base of the spine, divine feminine energy known as Kundalini energy (Sanskrit for circular or coiled) is stored and waiting to rise. I like to think of Kundalini as wisdom teeth. At the right time in our growth, dormant energy emerges to give us support to continue our growth.

kundalini the balalncing energy of divine male and female energy
Kundalini energy moving and activating

photo credit:

What I learned through my practice is that divine feminine energy is stored in the Kundalini and at the right time it uncoils, rising up to support us in our evolution. We incarnated into this world dominated by divine masculine energy. As we evolve and ascend, this divine feminine energy is released and will move into our consciousness and influence our behavior. The world as it is now, is ascending because we - humanity - are healing individually and collectively. I know, it may not seem like it is but as the darker aspects of humanity are revealed we address them. The discord, anger, darkness we are witnessing are the "blocks" or the imbalanced manifestations of the masculine energy of strength, courage, leadership, independence. These divine qualities are skewed into control, fear based bravado, and isolationism.

I've often heard people describe their view of Kundalini appearing as yin and yang snakes.

The serpent energy of the Kundalini - uncoiling from the base chakra as it rises up
What does Kundalini energy look like?

photo credit:

As we heal and grow spiritually through our physical and emotional experiences here in our world, the divine feminine within us (our Kundalini) rises and we become a more balanced life force. As we heal ourselves, those around us heal or are inspired to embark on their own path of healing. And this is how the world changes. One soul at a time.

How does energy move through the chakras?

Enter through the Crown Chakra and anchor in the Medulla Oblongata

  • As it moves into our bodies through the Crown, the medulla oblongata is said to be the exact point where energy moves into the various points along the body. (The energy point within the medulla oblongata will expand and rise as we evolve spiritually.) Each of these points rooted along the spine is a chakra. They work with and are harmoniously connected to the endocrine system and physical organs. Each of those in turn interact with emotional or mental states of being, and vice versa. Think of it less like a linear structure and more like an intricate wheel of moving parts like an interconnected system of gears.

Down Through the Spine to the Root Chakra

  • Source energy enters through the Crown and moves to the Root and further down into the Earth. It flows upward again from the root anchoring in the 7 body points and then from the crown and continues into the etheric.

What Chakras Look Like

  • The chakras are as I see them, active, almost breathing, moving centers. Moving in circles like a whirlpool of intensely colored light emanating from the body outward to varying distances. They are of colors of light unlike any I've seen in print, nature or on a video screen. Clear, brilliant, moving, radiating, dazzling.

the glow and brighness of chakras
What Chakras Look Like

photo credit:

While seeing the chakra light, If one's hand were placed on the body and then to move away from the body, it is bathed in the light, as if we were viewing the hand through a colored filter. If the hand moves beyond the edge of the chakra light, that color filter is removed. The chakras' light wraps around the entire body, front, back, sides, top and bottom. The colors, and the layers of our energetic bodies all together form what looks like an egg shape of light and moving particles around us. When I say moving particles, it is much like what we see when heat rises off of pavement. Or like viewing cells under a microscope. They are alive and breathing with us. Each chakra connected to physical organs then corresponds with our emotional, mental and spiritual aspects.

This energy that we receive from Source is the life force of consciousness. As I've written earlier, we are spiritual beings having a physical existence. Our bodies are the merging of spirit and earth matter. Just as we receive energy from Source to allow us to keep breathing we receive energy from Earth to allow the physical mechanisms to function. We are the blending of both worlds. We are the bridge between the two worlds.

What the Chakras May Look Like When Blocked.

The size, color, movement intensity of the chakras can help us see how "healthy" they are. If we are seeing one's Root chakra as a muddy reddish brown, perhaps a small band of light moving slowly, we know that issues relating to the root chakra need addressing. A distressed heart chakra may be viewed as a cloudy light, perhaps seen with stuck particles. They can be moving in the opposite direction than they should. I have on occasion seen a chakra where only half of it was lit up and moving. Whether it is a physical issue or an emotional issue the chakra doesn't always provide the answer but if you work with the chakra, as well as the emotions and physical aspects connected to the chakra you can be assured you are treating the cause.

Wellness Everyday

Much attention is given to a healthy body. Eat right, sleep well, exercise…but they often leave out the need for incorporating spiritual wellness into our self care routine. This will allow us to continue to heal and maintain ourselves as an integrated spiritual and physical being.

Chakras While Healing Physically or Emotionally

If you are in the process of healing old wounds either with traditional talk therapy or on your own or dealing with challenging circumstances, it will benefit you to work with the chakras - if not all of them then the ones which feel specific to the issues you're experiencing. And on the other side of that, if someone is telling you your chakras are blocked, work on those emotional/spiritual or physical issues. A good energy facilitator: like a sound healer, or reiki practitioner or Angelic Healing IET practitioner can get the energy to and from the chakras flowing, help you release the emotional issues and support your overall healing.

Chakra Symbols

The chakras are often represented by symbols. I have seen geometric shapes and colors when meditating on or working with the chakras. Honestly, they vary as well as the colors associated with the chakras. They are always in the proper family of color but they vary slightly each time. None of the representations of the colors or symbols I can offer here will do justice to the depth of color or intricate geometry I've seen in the symbols. But they can give you an idea.

graphic symbols often seen within the individual chakras: root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, brow and crown chakras
Symbols within the Chakras

A Guide to Chakras:

Listed below is a guide for each chakra. Including its location and associations to our bodies and spirit. I offer guidance based on my own experiences with them including the Archangels who have presented themselves as protectors or guardians of each. Many acknowledge the presence of Angels presiding over the energetic color rays represented by each chakra. I have found the Angels will present themselves to you when you are working on issues related to the chakras and their connection to us. You can talk to the Angels connected with the chakras you are working with and they will assist you. Alternatively, you can call the Angels to guide you to the chakra you should work with!

7. Crown Chakra

  • Location: on top of the head

  • Body parts: the brain

  • Gland: pituitary gland, secondarily with the pineal and the hypothalamus.

  • Higher consciousness, spirituality, and enlightenment “Sahasrara” which means ‘a thousand petals’ in reference to a lotus. Those among us who are lucky enough to see this chakra equate it to watching a lotus flower continuously bloom petals of light.

  • It represents the spiritual connection, mind connection, how you see/experience God. This chakra opens up to accept light from the soul. The Crown chakra’s purpose is to facilitate the reconnection to our higher consciousness and the Christ consciousness.

  • Blocked Crown Chakra: We may experience a sense of isolation, confusion, lack of direction, anxiety, depression. Physically we may experience headaches and fatigue.

  • When balanced: Some say a balanced Crown chakra means you've achieved enlightenment. Having a balanced crown chakra means having confidence in oneself, inner peace, feeling connected to one's life purpose, and having an understanding of it.

How to clear the Crown Chakra

Spend contemplative time in nature. Read books or articles on spiritual growth, prayer or meditation.

  • Element: The Crown chakra is affiliated with all the elements, so connecting with your wholeness rather than a single element is the recommended. Spend time in meditation, chanting, or prayer.

  • Yoga Pose: Plough, Lotus,

  • Nutrition: At this level, nutrition is not about the physical body. This chakra is not nourished with food, but with spiritual practices. Practice self-reflection and meditation

  • Wear and Decorate: Wearing violet clothing or jewelry and decorating with accents of this color will be useful.

  • Sound: om

  • Solfeggio Frequency*: 963Hz

  • Meditation: Visualize source energy coming into the crown building up and expanding. Breath through the chakra- imagine your breath as you inhale and exhale moving through the chakra. Imagine a 1000 petal lotus opening at the top of your head. You can try chanting the sound Aum or remain silent.

  • Color: Violet/Crystal Clear

  • Suggested Crystals: Stones that are violet, clear, rainbow colored. My favorite is a herkimer diamond and or selenite in conjunction with any other crystal.

  • Archangelic protector: Gabriel

6. Brow or Third Eye

  • Location: between on the forehead between the brow and when open it can expand upwards to the middle of the forehead.

  • Body Parts: The brain, the eyes

  • Glands: The pineal

  • Clairvoyance, divine wisdom and healing. “Ajna” which means perception. How you see things on a spiritual level. When this spiritual connection opens, it provides people with wisdom, knowledge, and insight. Think of the third eye chakra as the “eye of consciousness.” This relates to your psychic abilities, mental and spiritual healing. When a psychic or intuitive "sees" it is here with the third eye. Through the Third Eye we can direct energy for healing and manifesting.

  • Blocked Third Eye Chakra: We may experience headaches, blurred vision, disturbed sleep, unable to follow our instincts or intuition, anxiety or depression and are prone to negative thoughts and limiting beliefs.

  • When the Third Eye Chakra is Blocked: When there is discord your imagination and judgment may be hampered, you may experience headaches, anxiety, eye strain, and you may not trust your intuition.

  • When balanced: You are able to tune into and trust your intuition and imagination. You see your life with clarity, self-awareness, and emotional balance. You trust your inner knowledge, which allows you to make balanced decisions.

How to clear the Third Eye Chakra

Practice seeing things differently. Mirror gazing: move very close to a mirror so your vision becomes blurred and just stare. Practice writing upside down or with the opposite hand.

  • Element: The Third Eye chakra is associated with light. To balance and open this chakra, sit in stillness in the sunlight or relax by a window as the sun pours in.

  • Yoga Pose: Plough, Downward Dog, Lotus, Child's Pose

  • Nutrition: Eat indigo foods including purple kale, grapes, and blackberries.

  • Wear and Decorate: Wearing indigo clothing or jewelry and decorating with accents of this color will be useful.

  • Sound: sham

  • Solfeggio Frequency*: 852 Hz

  • Meditation: Visualize prana energy coming in through the crown and building in the third eye chakra, breath through the chakra- imagine your breath as you inhale and exhale moving through the chakra. See it moving out of the third eye opening what may look like a lotus opening. You may feel pressure behind the eyes or between the brow and around the head.

  • Color: Indigo/Deep Purple

  • Suggested Crystals: Stones that are deep blue, purple, violet.

  • Archangelic protector: Zadekiel and often Raphael

5. Throat Chakra

  • Location: at the throat the center of the larynx

  • Body Parts: the throat, shoulders, but also the tongue, lips, cheeks, jaw, and ears, as well as the back and lower part of the neck. Its area of influence is the space from the shoulder girdle, up the neck to the chin, and along the cervical spine to the base of the skull.

  • Glands: Thyroid

  • Communication, inspiration, self expression. “Vishuddha” which means ‘the purifier’. Representing your right to express, speak up (and be heard) and share your truth. The throat chakra can facilitate the expression and communication from Source. Expression, communication, voice, speaking up, truth.

  • When the Throat Chakra is Blocked: When there is discord you may experience a lump in your throat at times when you feel you'd like to speak up but can't. Afraid to communicate what you think or feel. Fear of being judged. You may also experience physical symptoms with the body parts associated.

  • When balanced: the throat chakra helps you communicate with clarity, wisdom and discernment. You may find that you are not only able to speak up and with compassion, but you are open to listening to and hearing what others have to say.

How to Clear the Throat Chakra

Start positive affirmations, write in a journal short succinct lines about how you feel. Start using your voice, sing or speak up.

  • Element: The Throat chakra is associated with ether (similar to spirit), so sitting in an open space under the sky is a good way to get this energy flowing appropriately.

  • Yoga Pose: Lions Breath, Plough

  • Nutrition: Blue foods like blueberries, currants, dragon fruit, and also kelp.

  • Wear and Decorate: Use all blue tones.

  • Sound: ham

  • Solfeggio Frequency*: 741Hz

  • Meditation: Visualize source energy coming in through the crown and building in the throat chakra, breath through the throat - imagine your breath as you inhale and exhale moving through the chakra. See it moving out of the throat. You may feel it moving through the shoulders, your chin, lips and parts of the face.

  • Color: Blue

  • Suggested Crystals: Stones that are blue of any color, aquamarine, clear blue

  • Archangelic protector: Michael

4. Heart Chakra

  • Location: in the center of the chest.

  • Body Part: The rib cage, lungs, heart, circulation, skin, hands, arms and the upper back and up towards the neck and face.

  • Gland: Thymus

  • Giving love, receiving love, compassion, altruism. “Anahata'' which means ‘unstruck’.

  • Your right to love and be loved. As we balance the energy here we gain unconditional love for ourselves and this is shared to the outer world through unconditional love (not giving love without healthy boundaries but actually receiving love), forgiveness and acceptance.

  • When the Heart Chakra is blocked: When there is discord you may have a hard time forgiving others and yourself! You may feel grief, loneliness, fear of betrayal. Physical manifestations can be blood pressure issues, heart issues and back problems.

  • When balanced: we feel surrounded by love, abundance, compassion, and joy and connected to the world around us, full of understanding and forgiveness.

How to Clear the Heart Chakra

Start practicing gratitude. I don't mean forcing yourself to write down things you're grateful for because you think you should be grateful for them. Just start looking right where you are and find anything to appreciate. Milk it. The more you look at things you genuinely like and appreciate - however small - will grow your capacity for gratitude and that will open your heart.

  • Elements: The Heart chakra is associated with air, so breathing deeply will help to clear the energy at this level. Drive with the windows open, walk in the fresh air.

  • Yoga Pose: Cobra, Camel

  • Nutrition: Eat green foods including broccoli, avocado, and leafy greens like kale or spinach.

  • Wear and Decorate: Accent your life with all shades of green or pink

  • Sound: yam

  • Solfeggio Frequency*: 629 Hz

  • Meditation: Visualize prana energy coming in through the crown and building in the heart chakra, imagine your breath as you inhale and exhale moving through the chakra. It may move around the shoulders, down the arms and out through the hands or as well up the neck into the face.

  • Color: Green/Pink

  • Suggested Crystals: Stones that are green of any shade, aquamarine, pink or clear with pink or green

  • Archangelic protector: Chamuel

3. Solar Plexus Chakra

  • Location: near the stomach

  • Body Part: Digestive system, main organs, intestines, middle back and core muscles.

  • Gland: Pancreas

  • Willpower, drive, intention, decisions, instincts. “Manipura” which means ‘Lustrous Gem’. This is the center of knowledge and wisdom. When we have the power of wisdom and knowledge we feel confident, trust our "gut" instincts and acknowledge who we are. It can relate to our fears and our self worth. When we release old patterns and beliefs it becomes balanced, we become tranquil, serene and deeply peaceful as we access again, the wisdom of our past lives.

  • When the Solar Plexus is blocked: When there is discord you may need to feel in control, or exhibit dominating behavior. It could show up as victimization, neediness, lack of direction or the lack of self-esteem required to take positive action. You may feel directionless.

  • When balanced: the solar plexus can feel confident, self-motivated and have a sense of purpose.

How to Clear the Solar Plexus Chakra

Start looking at your accomplishments, and recognizing your abilities and talents. Begin looking at your perceived "weakness" as a strength. If you're thinking you are too emotional, then recognize that you care deeply. Don't compare yourself to others, look for your unique gifts, no matter how small.

  • Element: The Solar Plexus chakra is associated with the element of fire, so enjoy sitting around a bonfire or soak up bright sunlight. Start setting boundaries if that’s been an issue, or if you tend to be too controlling, give up some power.

  • Yoga Pose: Cobra, Bow, Breath of Fire

  • Nutrition: Eat yellow foods like bananas, ginger, turmeric, pineapple, and corn.

  • Wear and Decorate: Wearing yellow clothing, jewelry, and accessories would be beneficial.

  • Sound: ram

  • Solfeggio Frequency*: 528 Hz

  • Meditation: Visualize prana energy coming in through the crown and building in the solar plexus chakra, imagine your breath as you inhale and exhale moving through the chakra. Move the energy out around the stomach, hips and down through the legs to earth.

  • Color: Yellow

  • Suggested Crystals: Stones that are yellowish, clear yellow, golden, orange, clear with gold/yellow/red

  • Archangelic protector: Jophiel/Uriel

2. Sacral Chakra

  • Location: below the navel

  • Body Part: Reproductive system, sensual organs/genitals

  • Gland: Reproduction

  • Flow, trust in life, creativity, the right to produce and reproduce.

  • “Swadisthana” which means ‘One’s own place’. Representing your right to own your body. This is the chakra of tenderness, which represents the spirit of sexuality – not the coarser feelings of desire or lust. Nurturing, creative expression.

  • When The Sacral Chakra is blocked: You may be overwhelmed by or even detached from emotions. Lack of sexual interest or over indulgence in fantasies and the pursuit of sensual pleasure. Relationships may be toxic or unfulfilling.

  • When balanced: Sacral chakra allows for creative expression, sensuality, pleasure, and strong relationships. You will be able to freely express your wants and needs in relationships.

How to Clear the Sacral Chakra

Be creative in any way - paint, sing, dance, write, cook, rearrange furniture. Practice nurturing - dedicate yourself to care - even a houseplant. Clean or organize your bedroom.

  • Element: The sacral chakra is associated with water, which means swimming or spending time by bodies of water like lakes and oceans is beneficial.

  • Yoga pose: Goddess, Reverse Warrior

  • Nutrition: Eat orange foods like carrots, oranges, melons, or mangoes.

  • Wear and Decorate: Surround yourself with orange accessories or tones.

  • Sound: vam

  • Solfeggio Frequency*: 417Hz

  • Meditation: Visualize prana energy coming in through the crown and building in the sacral chakra, imagine your breath as you inhale and exhale moving through the chakra, expanding outward. Move the energy through the hips down the legs into the earth.

  • Color: Orange

  • Suggested Crystals: Stones that are orange, golden or brown

  • Archangelic protector: Uriel

1. Base/Root Chakra

  • Location: at the base of the spine

  • Body Parts: Lower half of body, legs, feet, base of spine, lower discs.

  • Gland: Adrenals

  • Safety, security, home, family. “Muladhara” which means ‘Root Support’ The base chakra seeks to meet our basic survival needs of shelter, food and safety. This chakra has relevance to our home and feelings of nourishment. It is our first connection to the Earth and receiving sustenance from nature.

  • Blocked Root Chakra: Where there is discord you may experience fear of abandonment, depression, anxiety and worry about your safety. Home life and financial abundance may feel unstable.

  • When balanced: Root chakra allows us to feel safe and secure. Aware that all our needs are met and we are protected.

How to Clear the Root Chakra

Start practicing appreciation for all you have and all the Earth gives to sustain you. Dance, exercise, hike, walk. Clean up or organize your home.

  • Element: The Root chakra is associated with earth, so walking barefoot in the sand, grass, or dirt can be beneficial. Any time spent in nature is helpful for this chakra.

  • Connecting with the Earth and recognizing how she gives you life, and how you have all that you need available to you can help you emotionally open your root chakra.

  • Yoga pose: Mountain, Easy, Tree

  • Nutrition: Eat healthy red foods like tomatoes, beets, berries, and apples.

  • Wear and Decorate: Use accents of red and wear red jewelry, clothing, or shoes.

  • Sound: lam

  • Solfeggio Frequency*: 396 Hz

  • Meditation: Visualize prana energy coming in through the crown and building in the root chakra, imagine your breath as you inhale and exhale moving through the chakra. Move the energy (by breathing and focusing attention) from the root down the legs into the earth.

  • Color: Red

  • Suggested Crystals: Stones that are black, smoky, brown or red

  • Archangelic protector: Gabriel

*If you'd like to try solfeggio frequencies, check out the YouTube channel Taos Wind Spirit Music. I think they are phenomenal. I have no affiliate link to them, so I gain nothing by suggesting them. They have a variety of lengths of time and different combinations. If you're willing to try open eye meditation, then as you're meditating, gaze into the imagery in their video. They are powerful.

Interested in the 5th dimensional chakras? I'll be covering the 5d chakras in my next post! Subscribe so you don't miss out!


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