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What are the expanded 5th dimensional chakras? And how do you get them?

The Expanded 5th Dimensional Chakras - The Higher Chakras

When we talk about the expanded 5th dimensional chakras it is impossible to not talk about the 5th dimension and the ascension process, as they are intertwined.

Chakras are energy center points or anchors for source energy to flow into your body. In your body, you have 7 main chakras which work in harmony with the body and your spirit, in each particular location. See my previous post on the 7 body chakras

human body auric field illuminated and chakras
The 7 Body Chakras

As your conscious awareness deepens (basically meaning you heal and begin to let go of your shields and open to giving and receiving love without conditions), your energetic vibration rises along with the planet Earth (yes, the Earth is shifting its vibration too). This raises the vibration towards what's widely known as the 5th Dimension.

This higher vibration requires additional chakras to become active to connect us to this higher dimension. As we move through the ascension process a high frequency column of light is received. Through this column of high frequency the body chakras expand and the higher chakras are activated.

What is the 5th dimension?

The fifth dimension is a superconscious area of clear light, a wide realm of knowledge, insight and intuition, encompassing all forms of time, space, and divine consciousness. For humans it is being in a state of awareness, of being, where we are present, aware, engaged and our spiritual being is wholly integrated in our physical world.

  • Ascension is the process of transition of our consciousness from solely material perception to include a spiritual perception.

  • By practicing qualities associated with the spiritual dimension, we can accelerate our ascension.

What's living in the 5d?

Living 5d is a consciousness, an awareness and ability to function with unconditional love and awareness of all-that-is is within us. Simply put, we start behaving as if the God in all life matters.

When we function in the fifth dimension, we aren't out of touch with the routine of our daily physical reality. We are in fact, very present. You may have heard meditation practitioners talk of "practicing presence". This ability to observe rather than react is learned through the practice of meditation.

In the 5th dimension we perceive people differently. We develop an understanding of who they are - their spirit selves. We hold no judgment, only understanding.

  • When transitioning to the 5th dimension, we learn we're right here in the mundane physical world, and still able to draw from a never-ending storehouse of energy and see life from a broader perspective. Everything is familiar and we bring grace into every area of life.

  • We still experience the issues and problems of the material world but they aren’t as challenging to deal with. Shit still happens, it’s just that we manage them and move through them more easily with greater compassion for ourselves and others.

  • We are more able and more likely to act on behalf of the greater good of the whole of us.

In the fifth dimension the total evolution of form is perceived. For instance, when we see a tree, we understand it in it's totality. We not only see it in that moment, but simultaneously understand the stages of its life from creation to blooming to disintegration. In the 5th dimension we perceive people differently. We develop an understanding of who they are - their spirit selves. We hold no judgment, only understanding. We see the totality of what it is. We can see the life forces running through all creation. This is where we see "life in a blade of grass and the universe in a grain of sand." We begin to recognize the aspects of God within all - human, animal, plant and elemental.

When we become conscious in the fifth dimension we have a deep universal love for other people. For all life.

It is not is not a timeless dimension, but it has no consciousness of time. From the fifth dimension we can look into the past as well as into the future. In a sense, it is beyond time, allowing us to recognize patterns. It is all formed in time and space and yet has nothing to do with what we normally call time and space. In the fifth dimension, we have no sense of ego, no personal me or mine (which after all, are elements of the third dimension).

The fifth dimension is pure superconscious. The mind of light and consciousness. It may seem to be a realm so new it's completely unrelated is it to all forms of material existence, but does overlap. It's interwoven, blended with the other dimensions.

When we become conscious in the fifth dimension we have a deep universal love for other people. For all life. Living life for us becomes a joyous, even blissful experience with events unfolding in perfect timing. It's not that we don't experience the bumps, tragedies or difficulties, but we experience them differently. We have a different understanding of them and allow them to unfold as we are guided by our insights from the higher dimension. We see ourselves as an integral part of the universal all that is and what was.

Balancing of energies

There needs to be, in our world, a balance of the masculine and feminine energies. What we are seeing now in our world is a lower expression of the masculine energies. With the infusion of more feminine energies the masculine energies will be expressed in their highest form. The ascension process brings into balance the masculine and feminine energies in the individual and the world.

  • Higher expression of masculine energies: courage, protection, direction, stability

  • Lower expression of masculine energies: anger, control, violence, arrogance

  • Higher expression of feminine energies: openness, sensitivity, nurturing, expansive

  • Lower expression of feminine energies: confusion, overwhelm, uncertainty, contraction

What is ascension?

  • Ascension is the gradual process of moving towards enlightenment and the 5th dimension.

  • Ascension may begin as the process of releasing the past, moving into forgiveness. It may be unpleasant as we remove the old shields we placed around us for our perceived protection. Those shields may be behaviors we think are protecting us from hurt feelings and rejections but actually serve to isolate us. For instance: rejecting someone before they can reject us.

  • As we progress, we may awaken a desire for a more purposeful life. In the eventual release of toxic patterns your values shift simultaneously. You change, your life changes.

Releasing the conditioned, reactive behavior that continues your feelings of isolation or unhappiness, no matter how difficult is worth the effort. Once we get to the other side of it we see very clearly how it restricted us. Your inner world changes to where material desires, the acquisition of things, are not most important. You will be moved to search for truth, love of all, harmony.

It is more than healing old wounds although that is part of the process. It takes us beyond the healing of our inner child and into the realm of unconditional love. There will be a search for pleasure in being rather than acquiring. A greater sense of peace washes over you time and time again as you move forward through the release of unnecessary connections to beliefs, fears, dramas, toxic situations or karmic patterning. As you embrace forgiveness, you are opening to giving and receiving love without conditions and experience appreciation and acceptance for what is.

5D is a remarkable state of being where we care deeply and unconditionally (we aren’t looking to give in order to receive). I’ve heard descriptions of the 5D world where all are in that same place of divine consciousness and thought. It sometimes sounds like a science fiction description of Utopia. Imagine a place and time when all of whom you encounter respect and acknowledge the God within you. As well as you - to them.

As beautiful as it seems, at times I felt it was impossible to achieve. As my readings progressed through the COVID-19 pandemic, I found the likelihood of this achievement quite possible and most probable! That is because of the number of people I met who got lite up - who realized they were more than just a worker or partner. They began to identify themselves as a soulful being. There was an innate understanding that there is more to be obtained in this life. They began their awakening.

Ascension is a process just as healing is a process. There isn’t a button to push or a pill to take or a flip to switch in order to make the big change. It is one step at a time, one day at a time and one person at a time. Each of us has a unique pathway for healing and ascension.

How do we begin to ascend?

We ask for it. Consciously or unconsciously. We could be saying aloud - I set the intention to raise my vibration. It may be that we ask for the end of our own suffering. It could be that we just wish deep down inside that we reach our full potential for love and happiness beyond a romantic relationship. And of course, we could just simply be trying to grow, heal and become the person we are meant to be without the notion of ascension in our minds.

How that process looks is as varied as there are people. It may begin with healing childhood wounds. It may begin with a daily meditation and prayer practice. It may begin with asking your guides to help you open the higher chakras. It may be an ayahuasca healing. There is no one set way of starting the process but focusing on the extended chakras is a good way to start and accelerate that process.

Support for expanding the 5th dimensional chakras

  • Start a daily meditation practice or spiritual practice

  • Meditate and set your intention to raise your vibration

  • Clean up your emotional reactions to people and situations. Let go of defensive reactions. If you haven't already - get into therapy

  • Call in Celestial support to release blocks (conscious or subconscious) and open the pathways to growing.

There is a really good meditation I came across on YouTube by Natasha Tome. It's a bit long for many, over 30 minutes. I fell asleep the first 100 times I listened to it, so I started plugging in as I fell asleep at night. Now, years later I still listen to it but breeze thorough the entire meditation.

In this meditation she connects you with 10 Archangels who are responsible for the expanded chakras. They activate and opens the 12 chakras (7 body chakras included to expand those). Remember, it isn't like flipping switch and it's done. It's a gradual process. It's worth making the continued effort to practice this meditation. It's excellent for expanding the 5D chakras.

Human body and it's expanded 5d chakras and illuminated aura
The Expanded 5D Chakras from Diana Cooper's Anchor the 12 5D Chakras Workshop

The Expanded 5D Chakras

Earth Star Chakra

Location: 6 - 12 inches below your feet connected to the two chakras in your feet.

Color: Black & white and evolves into a deep gray

The Earth Star Chakra, once activated, changes everything. It connects your personal energy to the energy of the Earth and universal energies. The foundation of your ascension pathway, the Earth Star offers an amplified level of grounding and stability. The Earth Star is what connects us to the collective consciousness of Earth and humanity and because of this it is actively monitored by the Archangel Sandalphon who offers us continual support on our ascension. The Earth Star chakra forms a downward facing triangle with the chakras on the soles of your feet. This triangle allows you to release energy into the Earth where Gaia will transmute the energy into usable forms (think birds, worms, trees). Through the Earth Star, you will also receive energy from Earth. It holds the imprint of your life purpose, what you came here to fulfill on this life journey. The activated Earth Star will guide you to the location where you are meant to be to carry out your life mission. This supports you in finding your souls purpose here.

Root Chakra or Expanded Base Chakra

Location: The base of your spine

5D Color: Platinum

On the ascension pathway the normally red Root chakra turns into a rich platinum color. Archangel Gabriel is responsible for nurturing the Base chakra in the early stages of ascension. This is the anchor point for embodying our higher spiritual aspects. Where we feel strongly rooted in our lives. We no longer feel insecure and fearful and no longer turn to flawed teachers or leaders to create a feeling of safety. We feel deeply connected and secure. You know, without effort, that all your physical needs are being met. Your family and friend relationships are healthy and the challenges you experience are less disruptive. You may be in connection with your ancestors and allow them to guide you as well. You stand solidly and receive from Mother Earth allowing abundance to flow into your life without fear. The division between our Higher and Lower Self no longer exists. WE BECOME our Higher Self.

Expanded Sacral Chakra

Location: Pelvic region

5D Color: Pink

This sacral chakra holds the most challenging issues to clear and merge into. It holds the most modern challenges in regards to relationships, sexuality and finances. Those are the issues to be cleared as we move through this chakra. Our societies have been based around the lower aspects of money and relationships. There have been a great many number of souls working on their own clearing of these lower patterns to help all of us access this higher energy of transcendent love. We are drawn together with partners and family in harmony. When there are lessons to be learned from each other, it is done in a way that supports each of us on our pathways. When families connect on this higher sacral chakra, karmic bonds dissolve. Each individual in the family can be independent and free to enjoy relationships based in love and mutual respect. We develop unconditionally loving and accepting families.

Expanded Navel Chakra

Location: In between the Sacral and Solar Plexus chakras

5D Color: Golden orange.

The Navel chakra works to unify our energies with those around us and other forms of life. We are completely aware of our connection to the Universe. The activation and rise in frequency of the Navel chakra assists us to come together in communities of unconditional love. People learn cooperation and see the best and highest good in those around us. We respect and honor differences in others. Our soul families and spiritual support networks are drawn together. It allows us to truly experience oneness as we are aware of our true spiritual essence. When the expanded Navel chakra is activated we may see challenging circumstances which allow people to meet and communicate with a heightened sense of awareness., Meaning we work together worldwide to bring solutions to challenging situations were the good for all is brought out. A profound sense of in-this-together prevails and we work for the greater good of all. We experience the feeling of everyone on Earth as a part of ourselves.

Expanded Solar Plexus Chakra

5D Color: Bright gold

Location: Below the ribcage

We have ignored the psychic center of our Solar Plexus. We have traditionally relied solely on our logical minds to navigate the way forward. The Solar Plexus holds powerful psychic abilities until now largely untapped. Think about how we talk about having a "gut" feeling to a situation or person. The expansion of this chakra supports us as we integrate our *gut-level* instincts into our lives. In the 5th Dimension, we take responsibility for ourselves, our own energies. You alone are responsible for your happiness or sadness. Not another person, not one past event or situation creates your state of being. You are. It is becoming aware of the energy we put out and how it affects others. Many karmic and energetic agreements are held in the Solar Plexus and through the ascension these bonds are released and transmuted. We may find a greater sense of freedom and autonomy in our lives while still having the support of our families and soul network.

Expanded Heart Chakra

5D Color: Bright white or sparkling gold.

Location: Between the Heart and the Throat just about 6 inches away from the body.

The Heart Chakra and the human heart is at the core of the ascension process. The human heart generates an electromagnetic field 100 times more powerful than the human brain. It is typically the first higher chakra to activate. Many, many people on Earth have achieved this level of ascension. They are capable of awakening others because they carry it in their vibration. Have you ever walked into a party where everyone was kind of keeping to themselves and the energy was low and them someone walks in and suddenly everyone perks up? The party gets energized. That is an example of the vibration being shared.

Every chakra carries an imprint, a memory or blueprint you can call it. When other chakras of those not yet awakened to the 5D expansion are near one who has mastery of the Heart chakra, those memories or blueprints can be activated - awakened. Think muscle memory. The muscles once used can be reactivated by exercise. We all have the energetic memory of this higher energy stashed in our chakras. The expanded Heart chakra connects us with the Cosmic Heart of the Universe, flooding us, via the moon, with Christ Consciousness (not Christ as in Jesus Christ the person but the example of consciousness Jesus and other Masters such as Buddha, have expressed.) Instead of ego consciousness or separation from the Universe, we recognize a united consciousness with all life. This supports a massive flow of Divine feminine energy to us in order to balance the masculine energies now active. Upon activation of the expanded Heart chakra, we speak our heartfelt truth in the face of adversity. We experience gratitude and appreciation more easily and frequently.

Expanded Throat Chakra

5D Color: Electric royal blue, as the frequency rises it turns to a diamond frequency allowing a spectrum of light to be seen.

The power of the spoken word. Wow, who hasn't experienced the power of the word either in print or spoken or sung? Within the essence of every word there are layers of vibrations, codes and meaning. Recognized widely, the power of the word has been used by many, some for good and some for bad. Archangel Michael oversees the development of this 5D chakra. He works to free this powerful center of communication from disruptive energetic cords allowing this center of truth and power to anchor permanently. Allowing us through this chakra to communicate directly with higher beings (think Guides, Angels and Ascended Masters). This expanded Throat chakra brings with it the ability to speak our truth with the purity of the heart bringing unconditional love (and sometimes healing) into the lives of all who hear the words.

Expanded Third Eye Chakra

Location: Between the Third eye and the Crown chakra about 6 inches in front of the head.

5D Color: Emerald green

The expanded Third eye chakra is a merging of the Third eye and the Crown, creating an expanded Third eye chakra. Overseen by the Archangel Raphael, he is responsible for its development. Mastering the energies in the 5th dimension will require us to be fully responsible for our lives and our soul path, and be able to stand in our own personal power. More recently, we have been learning how to create a life for ourselves that brings deep soul satisfaction. The merging of the energies of the Crown chakra gives us a huge increase in our abilities to manifest. We are able to see how quickly our thoughts turn into reality. In this higher heart energy we are urged to focus on what we really want the Universe to deliver for the highest good. Along with this merging of the Crown and Third Eye energies, more and more people are able to see into the world of spirit . Our clairs are more developed, the clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and claircognizance are expanding rapidly. The merging of these energies allow us to develop the mastery of creating love and beauty in extraordinary ways. The Ascended Masters Lord Voosloo and Master Serapis Bay are helping us to learn to use these blended energies.

Expanded Crown Chakra

Location: On top of the head.

Color: Liquid gold.

This once thousand petal lotus becomes more like a radio antenna. It searches for higher frequencies to tune into. It connects with these higher frequencies and channels them into the pineal gland. A multitude of light frequencies spanning the Universe are directed through the Stellar Gateway to the Crown Chakra. Depending on your chosen mission here, those codes specific to you will be brought to you. Archangel Jophiel is charged with assisting us with the early stages of the development of our expanded Crown. He gently fills our Crown with waves of light that spreads through our spiritual fields and expands around us. We begin to receive energy directly from our soul blueprint to guide us on our way. This may be challenging but amazing. Our missions are specific. We have jobs to do and have incarnated at this time to focus on this. We are here to change the world in our own small way. We learn here to depend on our own inner knowledge and wisdom. Through the expansion of this chakra, we have access to it. We won't need to depend on channeling information from higher realms. It gives us personal access to Enlightened Wisdom.

Expanded Causal Chakra

Location: Just above and slightly behind the head.

Color: Pearly moon white

The Causal Chakra is often seen as being connected to the Moon, absorbing divine feminine light. It acts as a magnet for lunar light, raising your vibration and illuminating the deep feminine wisdom held within your soul. The vibration of wisdom and compassion is dissolving the unbalanced masculine forces, allowing the heart to rule. The Universal Angel Mary monitors and dispenses this energy. Another deeply powerful purpose of this chakra is a deep and intimate connection with the world of spirit. The level of connection depends upon the level of psychic gifts one has and their soul mission. It allows a two-way flow of energy from the angelic realms, bringing the angelic vibration to the person and anchors it. Archangel Cristiel oversees this chakra and brings even higher aspects of the Christ consciousness into the Earth field through this chakra. I was watching an energy healer practicing on a person with shoulder problems. I saw a huge beam of pearly white light stream into her Causal charka. I told her about it and she could only say that she had asked for help while working on this mans shoulder. We receive angelic support through this chakra.

Expanded Soul Star Chakra

Location: 12 inches above the head immediately above the Causal chakra

Color: Bright diamond white

The Soul Star chakra is activated in the early stages of the ascension process. It holds the energy patterns of every single gift, talent and spiritual achievement that has been gained by the us. This includes wisdom and knowledge earned during lives that have occurred in other bodies, dimensions and universes. When it first awakens it is overseen by Archangels Zadkiel and Mariel to ensure it is opened and activated to its full potential. Divided into two aspects, the higher which is the access the wisdom of your soul experiences; and the lower aspect which connects the individual with its monad bringing in light to accelerate its chosen path. That is when you start to recognize your soul journey. Each soul path is unique and we have access to what we need when we need it through the expanded soul star.

Expanded Stellar Gateway

Location: 18 inches above the head.

Color: White (often with golden threads of light)

An incredibly bright light that connects the individual soul in its physical body to the source of light from which they originate. I tend to see it glow and expand much like the Milky Way constellation. This connects us to the star or planet of our origin. When we had just the 7 body chakras operating our Crown was in charge of receiving and processing all the inflow of light and information. As we move into the 5th dimensional way of living the Stellar Gateway takes on this role. It is capable of receiving very high frequencies and stepping it down to a level that is comfortable for us to receive. The Archangel Metatron pours light into this chakra to nurture its development. Once anchored, he stands back and allows us to expand into our soul mission at our own pace. Our Stellar Gateway chakra is connected to the Earth's Stellar Gateway (located in the Arctic) When the earth's frequency rises, we do too. And when we collectively raise our vibrations, the Earth does too.

I hope you found this information helpful on your path!

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