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The Major Arcana - The Dreamer 0

The Tarot deck consists of 78 cards. 22 are the Major Arcana. These describe major events and turning points such as marriage, childbirth, relationship or career changes. They can point to personal challenges and in some cases communication from higher sources than ourselves.

Angel Tarot deck. Major Arcana - the Dreamer 0

The Dreamer - 0 Also known as the Fool. The dreamer signifies a new and exciting phase in life. Believe in yourself and know that the forces of the Universe are supporting you in your effort toward success. Have faith, and commit to your dream.

Listen to your inner self, your inner voice guides you onto the right path. Be open though, to new information from others. You can hear what they say and then decide. Follow your inner voice.

Take that leap of faith. Creative solutions and unexpected opportunities abound.

The Archangel Metaron is the watches over of those who are just embarking on a spiritual path and the young who are spiritually aware. He helps us overcome awkwardness and helps us commit to taking forward action.

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