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Why Should You Cleanse Your Aura and Your Space? 5 Easy Methods to Clear Away Negative Energies.

It started with a phone call to me from a young woman who needed some advice. She was told her aura was dirty and had holes in it and was sent to a hopefully well intentioned person who sold this young woman on several hundreds of dollars worth of products and then had her purchase gold and silver so she could create a bust of her to cleanse her of evil.

Within a week another client who came for a tarot reading asked me if I saw her aura leaking as the last psychic she saw tried to sell her $600 of oils to cleanse her aura. We practiced together an aura cleansing of white light and gave her one of my favorite crystals to use moving forward. Since I don't believe in coincidence I took this as a message for me to step up my clearing practices.

This image below is a pretty good representation of how I see peoples auras.

Aura and chakras Marthas tarot

I don't think anyone should be spending a lot of money to have someone do for them what they can do for themselves - inexpensively! These are the most powerful methods for aura and space cleansing I have found.

1. White Light Meditation

Close your eyes, take a few long, deep, mindful breaths to calm your heart and mind. Then imagine a beautiful, bright white light coming down from the heavens, pouring into your body penetrating every cell and organ in your body directly from your crown. Imagine the light completely surrounding your body and entering you as your breath. Inhale the white light and exhale all negative energies and spiritual gunk. Feel the light protecting, warming and comforting you. Imagine all the impurities being whisked away back into the Universe to be "recycled". See the light expanding as you breathe, You should include objects or other people in your white light that you wish to send healing and protective energy to.

visualizing the white light purging all negative energies

2. Smudging with Sage

White sage can be purchased inexpensively at just about any metaphysical shop. Sage burning is believed to help remove negative energies and spirits. Using a smudge stick or the dried leaves (my favorite) in a dish, light them. As the leaves smoke using your hand or a light object like a feather, wave over the smoke and direct it toward your body, I like to make figure 8's from foot to head and around my body in a circle. I move through the space - getting to all corners of the room and in the center - waving the smoke. All the while I affirm:

" All lower energies, all negative energies, all bad thoughts and feelings whether my own or from others be banished. Only the highest possible energies of light and love are allowed into my space". I visualize the white light surrounding myself and the space.

A well practiced medium told me that I should throw a few sprigs of white sage under my bed and under the seat of my car too.

3. Essential Oils

My favorite essential oils for cleansing your aura is a blend of lime, basil, bergamot and lavender. As I fill my tub with water, I add a few drops of these oils. As I get into the tub I visualize all the negative energies, spirits who have attached to me, all lower energies, thoughts and feeling, whether my own or others, washing away from my body and aura. I unstop the drain and let the water start to drain before stepping out to assure myself that it's all leaving.

If you are traveling, try filling a spritz bottle with fresh water and a few drops each of lime, basil, bergamot and lavender. A little spritz goes a long way

I have a cold diffuser in my space and place the blend into the fresh water and let it run after I smudge. Niaouli and Myrrh are also great oils that help release negative spirits that could be attached to the body.

4. Salt and Blossom Bath

A handful of Epsom salt tossed into the bathwater as you set your intentions is a wonderful way to cleanse your aura. Even a good walk on the beach near the salt water! If you feel so inclined, add petals from your favorite flower or any flower from your garden that "speaks" to you. As a Tarot reader, I have people coming into my space all day long, releasing plenty of negative energy as our readings help to connect us with higher energies. I place a bowl of salt water and flower blossoms by my front door and in my room to pull the discharged negative energies into the bowl. At the end of the day, I toss them out into the garden to be revitalized.

5. Crystals

While there is a long list of crystals and stones for that support cleansing and repel negative energies I like to use any combination of the following.- black onyx, obsidian, smokey quartz, amethyst, fluorite or tigers eye. Keep a few of those small stones in a little pouch in your bag or on your desk at work. Always use your intuition when choosing crystals but a general rule of thumb is that darker colored crystals tend to be better at absorbing negative energy.

My very favorites for clearing my space and aura are clear quartz crystals and selenite wands. I wave them over myself and my space just as I would when burning sage. I also stand them on top of my tarot cards while I am not using them.

There are five of my favorite and powerful ways to cleanse your aura and your space. Please, don't spend a lot of money and be bullied into thinking that you have to participate in scary, expensive rituals to remove the evil that is lodged in your aura or took a big bite out of your aura. Just set your intentions, follow up with one or more of these methods and you'll notice a big improvement.

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