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Meditation for Grounding Your Energy

Grounding your energy to Earth through meditation

As I read the tarot for someone I connect with both of our Angels and Guides, and the information that comes through is so insightful and uplifting we all get a blast of joy at the close of our sessions. It is amazing how light and airy we feel afterwards

I have been practicing meditation, strengthening my connection to the Angelic realms. In order to bring in the light and energy from this much higher plane, it is important to ground oneself in our good Mother, Earth. I have discovered a method of mediation, a guided meditation which has exceeded my expectations in grounding my energy to allow me to open to the Angels.

In this meditation I receive a golden light from Earth, which enters my physical body, permeating every organ and cell with this extraordinary golden light. As it rises it blends with the white light from the Angelic realms becoming a bright white golden light. As this light enters every cell in my body, they begin to sparkle and glisten and this twinkling light radiates our around my body, into my aura. I feel light, sparkly, playful and energized. The more I practice, the better I feel.

During the month of June I will be sharing this "Grounding Energy and Opening to Angels and Faeries" meditation practice and the "Manifestation Mediation with Sounds" in a workshop at Angel Aura Spiritual Boutique in Pawling NY. Viist Angel Aura's facebook page or monthly happenings page on their website to find out more details.

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