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Who Are My Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels?

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

angels in our lives

Each of us have friend in spirit working with us – they are always there to guide, protect and support. Your spirit guides bring the wisdom and perspective of many lifetimes, and they are unbiased in their approach. Their objective is to help you along your physical journey.

You can call upon different guides for matters of spirit and emotional perspective or material matter - like finding your car keys.

Connecting with them is pretty easy, it just takes practice.

Ask. Talk to them, they really hear you. You can talk aloud, in your prayers or in your mind.

Release. Once you’ve asked for help, stop worrying and let go. Trust that your guides will deliver. When we trust that the answers are coming we can let go of thinking we have to do something to make it work and that makes it easier for them to deliver.

Listen. The answers come. They answers may come in unexpected ways that may be overlooked. You just need to tune into their frequencies.

Help yourself. Listening to your guides is sometimes like tuning into a radio station. You have to hit the right frequency. Regular meditation helps you to tune into the their station.

Prayer is asking and meditation puts you in the place to receive the answers to your prayers.

A brief description of the different kinds of guides we have.

God. Some refer to this as Universe, the Great Spirit, Source, or Infinite Spirit. Everyone has direct access to this through prayer, meditation, visualization, thinking – or even talking aloud. Once you’ve asked for help, watch for signs and signals in unexpected places.

Your Higher Self. Your soul is having a human experience in your physical body and you retain your ability to see life from the perspective of spirit. You can see the past, the present and the future. You have understanding all that is. This guide is a wonderful source of wisdom as it has a better viewpoint. It is known as that tiny voice inside you – tune into your own intuition so you can hear what it has to say!

Angels and Archangels. Angels carry out the will of God as messengers, protectors, and guides. The Guardian Angel is the most commonly known type of angel. Angels are also considered to be non-denominational, not being connected to any particular religion or sex (although some may present themselves in the male or female for to connect with that energy). Archangels are more specialized angels and are higher level beings. Anyone can call upon the archangels. Guardian angels are specific to each of us as individuals.

Ancestors. These guides may be people who have recently passed and who you are genetically related to, but also anyone who you have a soul-connection with. Sometimes these to be souls you have never met in this lifetime. Either way, be open to sensing their presence through signs – dreams, voices, butterflies, and other occurrences.

animal guides

Power Animals or Totems. Power animals, also known as totems or animal guides, are similar to guardian angels, but in animal form. Your power animal is not an individual animal, rather the collective spirit of that animal. It is common for power animals to have individual names. Your animal guides will come and go throughout your life, depending on your needs. Again, being open and connected to your higher self will allow you to feel the influence of power animals in your life.

Relax, open your heart and have fun connecting with spirit!

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