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How to Connect with Your Guides and Angels part 2

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

Many of us want to connect with our guides and angels but struggle with it. Unsure of what to ask for or even how to ask. What are we supposed to see? How would they communicate to us? Friends tell me "I'd ask and ask and ask but got no signs. I wanted to hear the voices, I wanted to see them standing beside me". Turns out that isn't the way it works.

I found the beginning of my connection with them was more spontaneous than planned. I'd get a feeling that someone I was very familiar with was near me. I'd hear a message loud and clear in my head. I'd catch a glimpse of a sparkle or flash of light in a room. It is really different for everyone. You can't really look for a tangible way of connecting with them like when you talk to friends. We have to understand that they are not physical nor do they communicate with us as we do with each other. Sure they can create miracles in our lives but they are not circus performers, demonstrating on demand. They are already lowering their vibrational frequency to connect with us, so now we have to climb up the vibrational ladder to meet them half way.

Step One. Feel.

Our Guides and Angels, this includes spirit guides, angel guides, ancestral guides, are ethereal. They are made of the same energy that creates the universe. They are pure divine intelligence and energy. We are connected to them naturally, not by curiosity of what that being is. We are intimately connected to them as magnets are attracted to each other because we too are made of the same stuff. The difference is we are having a temporary physical experience. Not being made of flesh and blood they communicate not with vocal cords and hand gestures ( I use my hands something fierce when I'm talking), but with feeling. Vibration which is beyond sight and sound. Feeling. Clairsentience. When you call to them, look for change in feeling. The atmosphere shifts in the room, maybe you feel heat, or a cool wave, or tingles or tickles across parts of your body. Those subtle changes are the indicators of your tuning into them. Acknowledging those shifts will give your body permission to go beyond the mundane of the physical and move into their energetic space. Their energy can lift you up to the level where you can communicate.

When you call them, listen for them. Feel that vibrational shift and allow yourself to be elevated with them. Listen to your inner voice. That's your intuition which in the everyday world tells you - don't have that 2nd helping of pasta, or mail that bill out today! That inner voice or wisdom that guides you. Tune into that wavelength when asking to connect with your guides and angels. Asking for proof of their existence isn't really necessary but understandable. If you do ask for a sign, then when you get it acknowledge it! A perfect example: a client asked her guide what their name was. She heard "Kim". Didn't believe it though. Then throughout the next week or so the name Kim appeared pretty much everywhere. On Zoom meetings more than one Kim, mail delivered to the wrong mail box addressed to Kim. Hearing the name Kim on TV over and over. They were saying: "Call me Kim!!".

Trust that inner voice of yours. Trust that voice so you can move past the requests for evidential information (proof of their existence) and into the most satisfying part of connecting with them. You can develop a deeper, richer experience with your guides and angels by asking and allowing and trusting. You will develop a connection to a greater sense of purpose and truth.

Step Two. Ask

It's helpful to prepare by tuning into your inner awareness. Either by meditation or by another means of connecting. Some do it while running or walking, creating art or even house cleaning! I find you get the most benefit by establishing a routine of meditation even if it is only for 10 minutes every day. Since I know they are already here and have been here with me all along I start with more of a thank you.

"Thank you Angels for reminding me of your presence."

Then ask for what I want. It can be a simple intention of getting to know them better in which case I'd add something like: "I appreciate your willingness to work with me, please help me to be more aware of you and feel you in my everyday life".

Step 3. Go Deeper

You can ask for anything. The key is how to ask. Ask for the end result of what you want. Don't focus on how or what you think you need in order to get where you want to be. Write down what you want. Then ask yourself, why do I want this. Keep going until you get to that place you can feel.

Here is an example: My boiler broke. The repairmen ( three different ones) said it was done, we needed a new boiler. We did not have the money for a new boiler. I called on my guides, angels, and even called on God, Jesus, the Ascended Masters, the Archangels, my mother, father, aunts and uncles and ancestors to bring us heat. I just didn't want to be cold anymore. Everyday I did this meditation/prayer with a candle. On the third day my husbands ex-wife called and said she was sending her favorite HVAC guy to my house and we should just let him work. We did, and he sure did. By the end of the day we got heat! The best part was that my husbands ex-wife picked up the bill. Astounding! With a heart brimming with gratitude I sat down and lite up another candle, meditated and called on those who I'd asked for help and thanked them. That is when I heard "You did it right". I had not asked for the money to get a new boiler to get it installed and get the heat. I didn't limit how I could get the heat. I just asked for heat. That allowed them to get me the heat in a way I never could not foresee. Seriously, I never could have imagined this to unfold in the astounding way it did!

Ask yourself why you want what you are asking for and dive deep. I once asked for more clients. As my readings progressed I became more adept at scheduling then I found I had more time available for more sessions. Then they asked, why do I want more clients? I wanted more clients because I really enjoy my work and more clients bring more money. Why do you want that? Well, the money allows me to live comfortably, and having extra actually gives me the emotional space to focus more on the sessions. More clients means I help more people. The more people I help the more satisfied I feel that I am doing what I came here to do. The more sessions I do, the more asking I do of the Angels to be able to help people of different levels of awareness and understanding, the more I grow in my spiritual journey and that - that feels amazing! At that point asking for more clients I was very clear, very aware of how I felt about the gaining of more clients - absolutely joyous in the idea of gaining more clients! I asked for more clients from a place of utter joy and and expectation of the great things to come! That feeling of joyous expectation is evidence that you are aligned with what you want.

Step Four. Be Receptive.

Get your ego out of the way. Be open to allowing the gifts to flow into your life. If I had not been receptive to the mysterious ways in which they work, I may not have allowed my husbands ex-wife to help us. What if I was jealous of her contacting him. What if I was prideful and told her: "I don't need anyone, I've had 3 repairmen her already and they said its done". I would have missed that opportunity. And by accepting her gift we made her feel good. She was happy to do something for us! Receiving from someone who wants to give can be a great way to give to them.

Step Five. Continue the Relationship.

You've just established communication with your guides and angels. Just like any relationship you have to nurture it. Be present in the relationship. Be receptive to information that flows from them to you. I find it helpful to start my day or my meditation with something like this:

"Thank you angels for reminding me of your presence in my life."

This way I am always mindful of them being with me even if I'm not calling on them.

"Thank you for revealing to me what I need to know and helping me be receptive to your messages." With this added I continue to remind myself to allow them to communicate with me.

And finally to help me continue to develop and fully enjoy life:

"Thank you for showing me how to live a life of service which also serves my soul, my joy, and material well being. Thank you for helping me to be a force of light and grace that helps build the world."

love, love and more love,



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